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Comment We had it, he lost it (Score 2) 815

All started with arrest of a young man at school for a hand-made, digital clock brought to school. Ended up not being that hand-made, was just some reassembly of some parts. Not much interesting, actually.

It caught attention due to alledged racism or religion issues (still to be confirmed?). Even the White House and President of USA have spoken on behalf of this young, intelligent man.

Which apparently was not that intelligent, techically speaking.

And now he seeks damages of, what ? 15 million ?
I would agree if he'd seek for 5 to 10K. But even then, after all publicity he got around him, probably not so much.

There's a word for what he (his family) is seeking. The word is "extorsion".

He had it (a plausible reason). He lost it. Nohing more to see here, really.

Comment Re:How? (Score 1) 486

" Col Patrick Ryder, a spokesman for US Central Command, said the Russian air strikes in recent days targeted more IS areas, including the group's oil infrastructure.

But he added that "the majority of Russian air strikes are still against moderate Syrian opposition forces, which is clearly concerning, and those strikes are in support of the Syrian regime" of President Bashar al-Assad. "

Sorry, /. seems to be eating parts of my posts.

Comment Re:How? (Score 1) 486

Perhaps due to US distance from Europe and from Daesh movement can explain your words. Otherwise your words make no sense at all, and can be offensive to Russians who believe they are fighting the bad guys, despite supporting Bashar al-Assad.

Do not mistake Daesh for the Syrian regime. Daesh happens to be most active in Syria, but it is also active in other countries (and some with recent US "enforced" control like Iraq)

Vladimir Putin is not supporting them, he's fighting them on behalf of al-Assad - so we all share a common enemy here.

Now, if you say we shoud not be supporting al-Assad at all, you are right - and I can fully agree with you. But you are not understanding what's at stake here, and what role is played by each party. Stating "What could he have told Putin which, when relayed to ISIS, helped them organize the massacre?" as you did just makes you look ignorant on the eyes of those many who have to fight daesh and secure their borders as best as they can, while offering a safe shelter to those running away from the conflict.


Disclaimer: I am not Russian, nor am I fond of Russian government.

Comment Implications (Score 1) 93

The decision is of little practical consequence because it is so narrow in scope in covering only Little and his firm.

I know nothing about US Law System, so I ask you: what are the implications of this ruling on other cases, either pending or new ? Does this mean there is no Jusrisprudence due to too focused scope of the ruling ? Can this federal ruling be appealed, and if so, to what extent ?


Comment Re:No "new" (Score 1) 497

Of course I was being sarcastic. Pretty much obvious, don't you think ?

But still - on Embedded world you can do much without relying on dynamic allocation (and the expensive free). Just needs careful sizing and requirements analysis.


Comment No "new" (Score -1, Troll) 497

If you're using Java, do not use "new" at any time. It may cause the garbage collector to stop your application later to free whatever you did not tell you wish to not use any more. So, no "new" at all , and no objects (they really suck), and nothing fancy as memory allocation (why do you want to steal memory from other processes?)

That will also make your application smaller and easy to understand. Your application will just happily exit, thus not putting any pressure on the VM.

Doing no work at all is better that doing it wrong.

Comment Re:Battery Life (Score 1) 262

and my phone can go a whole weekend on standby.

What have your turned on ? My Lenovo A840+ (Android 4.2.2, Octa-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A7) can withstand almost three weeks (weeks, not days) in standby when with good cell reception but with wifi and data connection off. I only start worrying about charging it (I mean, charge it on the same day, not immediatly) when it reaches about 8% battery.


Comment Includes CPO Cars as well (Score 1) 70

Two years ago I bought a Certified Pre-Owned BMW from a dealer. It's basically a used car of a supposed "higher quality" from a dealer. Turned out that even though they do some sort of 5million point inspection, they forgot to clear the mp3 collection uploaded into the car's entertainment system, didn't clear the stored phonebook, nor the 10 recent phone numbers.

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