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Comment Not sure how they get greater mass surveillance... (Score 2) 264

The Snowden revelations show that the UK snoop on its own citizens without any barrier. The RIP Act can be used to compel handing over of pass phrases with threat of 2 year prison sentence for failure to comply. Short of legislating against the use of crypto or allowing 'in camera' use of surveillance material its hard to imagine a what other powers the state are after.

Comment For people impacted by this issues (Score 3, Informative) 359

Comment Re:Score: -1, Flamebait (Score 5, Informative) 359

Mainstreaming reporting started in the last few days. The issue has been reported consistently for nearly a year. I and many other impact users have reported faults in stores, reported via Apple Product Feedback in forums and written to Tim Cook to complain. Not only do they ignore the issues reported on the forum but they also delete posts with links to online forums, news stories and petitions. Nice work Apple.....

Apple do little on the issue and offer you a (paid for) repair service to fix this systemic fault. The repair being a replacement board that many users report fails again anyway.

Comment Schneiers most recent comment.... (Score 4, Informative) 236

Bruce Schneier stated that "Breakthroughs in factoring have occurred regularly over the past several decades, allowing us to break ever-larger public keys. Much of the public-key cryptography we use today involves elliptic curves, something that is even more ripe for mathematical breakthroughs. It is not unreasonable to assume that the NSA has some techniques in this area that we in the academic world do not. Certainly the fact that the NSA is pushing elliptic-curve cryptography is some indication that it can break them more easily."

I'd not rush from DH to ECC but would strongly recommend a move to 2048-bit or above keys

And have just realised that I haven't posted to Slashdot for many years...And yet somehow my .sig is still relevant. NSA may have dropped their plans for mandatory Escrow 15 years ago after the quote was made...but they didn't change the fundamental goal: to read everything.

Comment Keith Laumer (Score 1) 1130

Nowadays folks know his Bolo works, but Dinosaur Beach, Worlds of the Imperium, End as a Hero, and the Retief series were pretty unique for their time. One of my favorite authors.

Dinosaur Beach has to be one of my favorite novels, its a cracking good time travel novel with transhumanism before such was known.


One Variety of Sea Slugs Cuts Out the Energy Middleman 232

dragonturtle69 writes with this story, short on details but interesting: "These sea slugs, Elysia chlorotica, have evolved the ability to gain energy via photosynthesis. Forget about genetic modifications for sports enhancements. I want to be able to never need to eat again — or do I?"

Comment Re:Science Fiction (Score 1) 348

There are several very cool results from String/M-theory, but nothing that can be fully understood without the mathematics. But a theory that fully explains all interactions, including matter fields, with supersymmetry and supergravity arising naturally from it, an explanation of the heirarchy problem, and use of perturbation theory and renormalization for gravitons which are generally non-renormalizable, is interesting.

Loop Quantum gravity is interesting too, especially for its background independence, but it will never explain matter fields, and the semiclassical sector is currently lacking. By contrast, string theory has a natural extension to classical general relativity.

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