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Comment Re:Unreal 4 (Score 1) 254

P.S. anonymous reader: you don't know what you are getting yourself into. I wish you luck, but honestly unless the exercise is academic, at least use Monogame ( if not a real, fully integrated, third-party engine. Seriously, then you will actually get to do game programming and game design.

Comment Unreal 4 (Score 5, Insightful) 254

My advice, as a professional game developer, is "don't write code unless you need to."

If you must write C# you should take a look at Unity, but honestly you would be remiss if you overlooked Unreal 4. It is the newest version of the Unreal Engine, and it includes most of the most important features of a game; behavior trees, navigation, user interface, physically-based rendering, animation state machines, multiplayer replication, etc. You can do most of what you want to in Blueprint (a visual scripting language), and if you really need to, you can edit the source code (the license is a full-source license) and make what enhancements you need in C++.

Writing most of this shit from scratch will take you years, just get down to the actual MAKING of the game, and use someone else's engine. The terms are fair ($20/mo, 5% gross revenue for PC platforms and mobile), and the engine is extremely well curated.

Comment Shots build character (Score 1) 83

Life is pain. My five-year-old doesn't even cry anymore when she gets her shots -- she is brave as hell -- and when we are done, we go get ice cream. I can see this as good for preventing infection at the site of the vaccination, but shots aren't that bad once you get used to them.

Comment Re:Game Developer (Score 1) 416

Linear algebra, matrix math, and set theory are pretty much pre-requisites to any serious graphics implementations, not to mention physics engines. Sorry to go anecdotal, but my web/art background prepared me for making models but certainly not rendering/shading them.

...and to be clear, I don't mean "game design."

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