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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 277 277

You don't like it when other folks are better than you at your own game ?

Better than us at our own game? I bet the Western World would be really competitive at manufacturing injection molded plastic garbage if we discarded all of our pesky labor and environmental laws.

"Thank you China; you make our Happy Meals possible." -Stephen Colbert

Comment Seriously reporters, just give up on foreign words (Score 2) 159 159

Actually from the OP and not just a stupid editor: "Cykelslangen (pronounced soo-cool-klag-en) " (fault of

Cykels Langen - there is precisely zero chance that's pronounced soo-cool-klag-en.

More likely, with a usually wierd euro-pronounciation of the "y" it's soocles-langen.

I'm American, and I'm honestly not sure why Americans are SO BAD at pronouncing foreign words. Do we just see an unfamiliar collection of letters and what, just give up?

Comment Re:IE all over again (Score 3, Interesting) 364 364

When I upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday, there was a screen that came up that asked me if I wanted to reset the default apps. I said no for my browser and media player, and when it completed, Chrome and VLC were still the default applications. I think it's a little underhanded, but not as underhanded as the article suggests.

Mozilla is whining anyway; when they switched search providers from Google to Yahoo I had to go through and specify it on EVERY INSTANCE of Firefox I have. Since I use --no-remote and segment my web browsing this was actually a royal pain in the ass. Granted, Google was the old "default," so I had never changed it, but it was still an undesired change in behavior. If they're going to whine about Microsoft doing the same thing then they ought to look at their own behavior.

Firefox is still my browser of choice for personal use but for others I've started to recommend Chrome. It's just less hassle to support it for your luser friends. The future of Firefox and Mozilla is not an encouraging one, which is a pity.

Comment Re:someone trying to unload lackluster tesla stock (Score 1) 870 870

I posted the exact same comment in reply to that actual blog post and predictably, the zealots are going nuts.
It probably makes me a bad person, because I knew that they'd get upset, and I knew that not one mind (there) would be changed. That's pretty much the definition of trolling.

Comment except.... (Score 1) 203 203

...Frankly, part of the charm of the show was the sort of kludgy, clumsily-produced, backyard-BBC feel to it.
As much as I look forward to the show, it's not likely to succeed.

1) there's no flipping way any American audience will stand around. Holy shit, I've always been amazed at how desperate one would have to be to be on TV to stand in a crowd of people, mostly in the dark, for the hours and hours it would take them to shoot that show.*
* unless you're a hottie, in which case you'd clearly have been escorted to the front of the pack to stand innocuously in the background behind Clarkson & crew as they monologue. Usually, I can't be the only one to notice that?

2) I cannot *conceive* of them being able to do most of the stuff they did on location. The legal climate in the US simply won't allow half the crap they do as too dangerous to the stars, or the other half as too dangerous corporate exposure to outside lawsuits. Notice it's called Top Gear, not Safety Gear. Hell, I doubt US lawyers would allow them to put a star in a reasonably-priced car without wrapping them in bubble wrap, much less make the astonishingly-politically-incorrect comments for which Clarkson is famous.

Comment Re:DC power? (Score 1) 236 236

I think the problem with your A/C unit is the location. It appears to be located in an unbearable hell-hole :-)

Yeah, but on the other hand.

Come Oct/Nov....I'll be wearing shorts outside for Thanksgiving and enjoying the weather while much of the US is indoors freezing their asses off, like anything, I guess it is a trade off.

Comment Re:I'm surprised they missed "Wi-Fi Sense." (Score 1) 483 483

uploads a supposedly-encrypted form of your wireless AP's password to a Microsoft server for safe-keeping

It's a bit hard to get outraged at MSFT when GOOG has been doing the exact same thing for the last three or four Android versions.

Comment Re:DC power? (Score 1) 236 236

That sounds to me like you have a badly undersized unit. Its also possible that something isn't working right

No, I just had it checked, is a good system, etc.

It is just THAT fucking hot down here, and humid. A lot of the AC time on is to dry the air out in the house.

I like to keep the temp about 74F during the day time I"m here, and about 72F at night to sleep. That's comfy to me.

But it gets HOT here at the end of April usually, and we don't even start to get breaks in the heat and humidity till about mid Oct I think....

Comment Re:DC power? (Score 1) 236 236

1) They built houses that were passively cooled

2) Linen. Try it.

Well, I've been in a LOT of #1 type houses here (they still have 100's of year old homes here, and it still ain't cool enough.

And even wearing linen...single layers are still too hot, much less the many layers they seemed to have worn then.

I"m just guessing they were a LOT tougher than we are now.


Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 870 870

Not me.

I dread the day that the fun and thrill of driving is possibly taken away...kinda of the Red Barchetta song coming true.

Sad, I love my cars...and every day I get into one and fire up the engine, is an adventure.

Life is too short not to have fun and some thrills in life.

And what cost? Even a burger flipper can save and get a basic car, if you have an education and a real job, it isn't like it is draining your wallet in a manner you even notice.

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