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Comment Re:This is what real choice looks like (Score 1) 297

Ok... then how about notifying the user that the part cannot be trusted and offer them the choice to continue by entering the PIN and disable access to all items in the keychain until repaired by apple? Hell, even flush out all saved passwords and force the user to re-enter for email and other apps.

I'm really not seeing the justification for bricking the phone out-right.

Comment Re:This is what real choice looks like (Score 1) 297

Agreed -- it's an awesome security feature which helps secure your data.

However, I'm unsure how useful it is to brick the phone rather than disable the fingerprint reader in question and force the user to enter their passcode they created when configuring touch id? I don't see THAT as really adding security while refusing to use the fingerprint scanner and FORCE passcode entry would if it didn't trust the fingerprint hardware.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 393

Sorry, let me clarify.

During those 8 weeks or so it is a full time job. And honestly, some of the laws and especially the budget are so complex that it isn't something you just whip out the pen and start writing. Maybe full-time research staff, but honestly that is the job of legislators.

And I personally believe that they should spend as much time reviewing old laws for relevance, modification and possible repeal as they do making new ones.

Comment Re:APorsche Self-Drive? (Score 1) 204

Taking note of how you perceived the driving conditions to be, unaware that you are incapable of accurately assessing them, at the expense of the safety of others. There is no excuse for being a twat.

Lets see...roads clear...check.

Weather conditions good...check

Car has ability to travel at high speeds, brake better than normal cars, handle better than other cars....and I know how to drive it....check.

What's your problem with this?

The posted speed is often arbitrary....

Or, are you just afraid of speed period?

Comment Re:What year is this? (Score 1) 132

I just finished Idea Factory which spends quite a bit of time on Claude Shannon, a really remarkable guy. Great book, lots of interesting Bell history. My only complaint is that Unix is only mentioned twice in the entire book and the second time it's referred to as a programming language. I was really hoping for more Unix history, but it tends to focus on earlier Bell and the transistor, satellite, the anti-trust suit, etc.

Comment Re:APorsche Self-Drive? (Score 1) 204

Doesn't change the fact that most of them still putt along in rush hour traffic the same speed as a Camry or Civic. Unless you spend a lot of the time on a track (which let's face it next to nobody does), then the concept of a "sports car" is an oxymoron. If you actually want to go fast on a public road, get a bike.

Wow..where do you live where traffic is THAT bad?

Before Katrina, I had a 1986 911 Turbo...and man, what that thing a BLAST to drive...black on black..whale tail, the whole thing.

Even as bad as the roads are here largely in New Orleans, I had NO problems finding places to open up that car and have some fun....taking note of the currently driving conditions at the time of course.

And when leaving out, on the highways, I had no problem getting up to 100+ from time to time and stretching it out...and no, I wasn't passing people up THAT badly...as that most hwy traffic in this area stays about 85mph average.

I guess if you live in LA, it sucks that you have such bad traffic...but it isn't that way by a longshot in most of the US.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 393

I don't know. This was the way things were set up back when it all started, a couple hundred years ago. The intent was that government was small enough to not be a full time job.

The problem is that belief has become a religion. We are no longer in the 1700s and the complexities of governing such a large and varied State have greatly evolved. It really isn't a part time job anymore, but not enough people are willing to admit that.

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