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Comment: Re:But (Score 1) 273

by alpinist (#34273874) Attached to: A Single Re-Tweet Lands Chinese Woman in Labor Camp
Thank you for pointing that out. From the outside, many countries look like homogeneous collections of people, but the vast majority are not. China's ethnic tensions are not limited to Tibet, and many minorities feel their cultural identity is being threatened. The Chinese government isn't as self-serving and evil as they are often portrayed in the media. Once you actually learn (SO out of vogue, I know) about things there, it becomes pretty clear that their motives are, yes, to preserve central government power, because the alternative isn't just letting everybody be happy and free, it's quite the opposite: Outright civil war in a nuclear-armed and global economic pillar. It would be hell for the billion plus people within its borders, and very bad for everyone else on Earth.

Comment: Re:awaiting the equivalency idiots (Score 1) 273

by alpinist (#34273600) Attached to: A Single Re-Tweet Lands Chinese Woman in Labor Camp

...nations like the United States are headed down a path that leads there, ultimately, if we don't stop and look at where we're going!

I think it's important to note that it's the natural tendency of any nation to head down that path regardless of its particular system of governance, ideology or economy. Some get there faster than others, but without constant, conscious and vigilant course corrections by the people as a whole, they'll get there sooner or later.


+ - Wal*Mart using automated schedules

Submitted by hobo sapiens
hobo sapiens (893427) writes "The WSJ reported that WalMart is going to move to automated schedules for its employees. This means that employees are given, at least according to the article, random schedules and will be expected to work them regardless of inconvenience. Having worked in retail many years ago, I for one can tell you that this is going to be a major headache for these people.

Many of us may write software that tries to make things more efficient, but this is a good example of the human cost of that efficiency. So what do you think? Is this A Good Thing, or is this another case of software just going too far?"

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