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Comment: Gettin All Up In Yo Biznis (Score 5, Insightful) 418

by alphatel (#47679341) Attached to: Swedish Dad Takes Gamer Kids To Warzone
I love how people insist on commenting on what fathers or mothers do to teach their children about reality. If you did not hand them weapons or put them in the line of fire (keep in mind in some countries even that is perfectly acceptable for a 12 year old), then mind your own freekin beeswax. Why is this even a /. story?

Side note? I would do the same with my kids if I actually got up off my ass and stopped typing on computers for 10 minutes. Sad.

Comment: Re:Why would this be good for Twitter's stock?! (Score 1) 84

by alphatel (#47661435) Attached to: Twitter Reports 23 Million Users Are Actually Bots

some wonder if these bots help or hinder Twitter's stock value.

Hmm. Are some of those that are wondering if it helps Twitter's stock actually bots themselves?

Bots certainly work well for financial companies, aka HFT, etc. I can't see how they hurt the stock value of a service like twitter.

Comment: Re:8300? Let that sink in a moment (Score 1) 327

There aren't 8300 people working on each patent application. The USPTO received 609,052 patent applications last year. There are (roughly) 200 working days in a calendar year (accounting for sick leave, vacation, an minimal training/in-service time). Each patent receives (on average) less than 3 man-days total for your diligence in determining the patent background, current state of the art, etc.

609,052 / 8300 workers = 7 patents to review per worker per year.
If each patent takes 3 days to review, then that is 255 - 21 = 234 days left to do nothing.

Therefore, patent office working as expected!

Comment: Re:Promising... (Score 1) 97

by alphatel (#47629299) Attached to: The Doctor Will Skype You Now

Depending on where you are of course...

But in many places your Doctor can only bill your insurance if they actually see you in the office. They cannot bill or can only bill less if they talk to you over the phone.

Indeed! Our insurance company which costs a mighty fortune has made it clear they will cover no such "remote visits"

Comment: Objection! (Score 4, Interesting) 102

by alphatel (#47622021) Attached to: Massive Russian Hack Has Researchers Scratching Their Heads

"They decided they want to make money off of this. There's no way for others to verify." Wisniewski was referring to an offer by Hold Security to notify website operators if they were affected, but only if they sign up for its breach notification service, which starts at US$120 per year.

A Billion dollar security firm won't sign up for a $120 per year service to see the data behind the breach? It must be highway robbery unlike most AV products which charge the same $$$ per year for little in return.
In addition it seems the above quote neglected this portion of the article:

Individual consumers can find out through its identity protection service, which Hold Security says will be free for the first 30 days.

It's free and they still can't afford it? Sophos can't use a fraction of its 100,000 honeypot email accounts to sign up and see if it's legit?

Much like Hold Security, Sophos has displayed nothing but news-unworthy jabber.

Comment: Re:Put it another way... (Score 4, Insightful) 160

by alphatel (#47538241) Attached to: Soccer Superstar Plays With Very Low Brain Activity

You don't need much brain for running around kicking a ball.

You're absolutely correct in a very zen kind of way. In order to be in the zone, or flow, you still need to make decisions such as "lean left, kick right", or "stop short, pass forward", but they key is to not let those minor mental decisions get in the way of your physical ability to execute. Some people are born with the ability to simply "do it", other may take years of practice to learn to let go of the process, but in the end it's all about realizing your potential without anxiety about the outcome.


+ - Soccer Superstar Plays With Very Low Brain Activity

Submitted by jones_supa
jones_supa (887896) writes "Brazilian superstar Neymar's (Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior) brain activity while dancing past opponents is less than 10 per cent the level of amateur players, suggesting he plays as if on "auto-pilot", according to Japanese neurologists Eiichi Naito and Satoshi Hirose. The findings were published in the Swiss journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience following a series of motor skills tests carried out on the 22-year-old Neymar and several other athletes in Barcelona in February this year. Three Spanish second-division footballers and two top-level swimmers were also subjected to the same tests. Researcher Naito told Japan's Mainichi Shimbun newspaper: "Reduced brain activity means less burden which allows [the player] to perform many complex movements at once. We believe this gives him the ability to execute his various shimmies." In the research paper Naito concluded that the test results "provide valuable evidence that the football brain of Neymar recruits very limited neural resources in the motor-cortical foot regions during foot movements"."

+ - Wikipedia to US Congress: Stop Trolling->

Submitted by alphatel
alphatel (1450715) writes "Wikipedia has blocked anonymous edits from a congressional IP address for 10 days because of "disruptive" edits. These otherwise anonymous edits were brought to light recently by @Congressedits.

The biography of former US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld was edited to say that he was an "alien lizard". Mediaite's Wikipedia page was modified to label the site as a "sexist transphobic" publication."

Link to Original Source

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