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Comment: it's wrong... (Score 4, Funny) 110

by alphatel (#47364131) Attached to: FTC Says T-Mobile Made Hundreds of Millions From Bogus SMS Charges

FTC chairwoman Edith Ramirez said, "It's wrong for a company like T-Mobile to profit from scams against its customers when there were clear warning signs the charges it was imposing were fraudulent. It's wrong for a company like T-Mobile to profit from scams against its customers when there were clear warning signs the charges it was imposing were fraudulent."

T-Mobile replied "It's wrong for the FCC to call us fraudulent, twice."

Comment: Re:"Worth" $17-18 million (Score 1) 232

by alphatel (#47230201) Attached to: US To Auction 29,656 Bitcoins Seized From Silk Road

Bitcoins will be transferred to winning bidders in the order that each winning bid was received. No bitcoin transfer will be made until the USMS has confirmed receipt of all purchase funds. The winning bidder(s) will be given private instructions related to the transferring of the bitcoins.

You'll note it doesn't provide a deadline for when the bitcoins will be transferred to the winning bidder. Hence, if it takes 60 days to transfer, BTC could be worth 1/10th of its current value.
Would not touch this US Marshall's mess with a 10 foot fuckstick.

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by alphatel (#47204545) Attached to: Was Turing Test Legitimately Beaten, Or Just Cleverly Tricked?

I created a chat bot that emulates a 65-year-old grocery store clerk who speaks perfect English. Here is a sample transcript:

Tester: Hello, and welcome to the Turing test! Bot: Hey, gimme one sec. I gotta pee really bad. BRB. . . . Tester: You back yet? . . . Tester: Hello? . . .


Comment: Re:only a trick if the truth makes a difference (Score 1) 346

by alphatel (#47194835) Attached to: Did Russia Trick Snowden Into Going To Moscow?

"Hello Edward, I am a Russian diplomat, come to Moscow and we won't extradite you to the Americans"

"Hello Edward, I am a Russian spy, come to Moscow and we won't extradite you to the Americans"

I can't imagine Snowden was under any illusions about the job title of the "diplomats" he was talking to, so it wasn't much of a trick. It might not have been a particularly good long term deal, but there wasn't a whole lot else on the table.

It seemed pretty clear in reading Greenwald's book that Snowden had no illusions about anything he did or the consequences. He never attempted conceal his activities or obscure his own person. He knew that due to US policies he would be charged with treason and found guilty. His only hope was that he could avoid extradition and not spend the rest of his life in a 10x10 wet hole in gitmo. Whatever rumors swirl around him mean nothing so long as he can stay out of prison until America changes his policies, or he can get on a rocket to Mars. The latter is probably more likely to happen sooner than the former.

Comment: Re:Alternate headline (Score 1) 286

whistle the correct codes to launch nuclear missiles at Mayor Bloomberg."

You do know that Mr. Bloomberg doesn't get to keep the title forever, right?

But he "thinks" he does. Eight years wasn't a legit reign. Another four was not nearly enough. No doubt there's some hidden clause that lets him invoke the title for eternity.

Comment: It's all "tech"-ish (Score 3, Interesting) 158

Okay, since you asked nicely.

I've been doing IT since I chose to become a programmer. As you can see, being a programmer didn't really happen, even though I had been programming and even went to school for it since I was a mere youth. Fast forward many millions of years later and I still manage some IT systems for a select group of high-end clients whom I know personally. That's a plus and it's easy work for me. This whole time that I've been doing IT I have been doing many other projects: building custom high-end servers and workstations; doing wordpress buildouts, and running some eCommerce sites on various platforms. Somehow this morphed into driving traffic and is changing into a lucrative business. I don't worry about where I will end up, so whatever I start digging my nails is where I go.

It's all tech-ish somehow.

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