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Comment: Waze is a community sourced map (Score 1) 611

by alphabet26 (#48603765) Attached to: Waze Causing Anger Among LA Residents
Anyone in the area with a Waze account has the ability to modify the map. There are a few things you can try... Make sure the road is the lowest level of road below highway. Heck make it a dirt road; still routable but Waze should skip it. Make the turn-off red to disable it. Of course other people might complain and want it back on, but if you have active moderators in the area they should know why it's off. Waze is doing what it's supposed to do. It notices a faster route and directs people to it. Any GPS app would have the same problem. As stated above, if you don't like it, get the city to change the road.

Comment: Beautiful Works of Art (Score 3, Interesting) 220

by alphabet26 (#47809481) Attached to: Interview: Ask Christopher "moot" Poole About 4chan and Social Media
While 4chan may be a cesspool of filth and depravity I have found some beautiful and interesting things I would have never known existed. I know it's a matter of taste, but what do you think the ratio of garbage to worthwhile content is on the site as a whole? Which board has the highest garbage content and which has the highest worthwhile content?

Comment: Yeah (Score 1) 107

by alphabet26 (#47666115) Attached to: Where are the Flying Cars? (Video; Part One of Two)
Fuck the flying cars, we have a tough time enough just getting electric cars on the road...

Reminded me of George Carlin...

"We're gonna go to Mars. And then of course we're gonna colonize deep space. With our microwave hot dogs and plastic vomit, fake dog shit and cinnamon dental floss, lemon-scented toilet paper and sneakers with lights in the heels. And all these other impressive things we've done down here. But let me ask you this: what are we gonna tell the intergalactic council of ministers the first time one of our teenage mothers throws their newborn baby into a dumpster? How are we gonna explain that to the space people? How are we gonna let them know that our ambassador was only late for the meeting because his breakfast was cold and he had to spend half an hour punching his wife around the kitchen? And what are they gonna think when they find out, its just a local custom, that over 80 million women in the Third world have had their clitorises forcibly removed in order to reduce their sexual pleasure so they won't cheat on their husbands? Can't you just sense how eager the rest of the universe is for us to show up?" - George Carlin, Complaints and Grievances

+ - CIPS chimes in on Internet Preditors Act->

Submitted by alphabet26
alphabet26 writes: The Canadian Information Processing Society has formally responded to the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act introduced in February of this year. Bill C-30 would grant authorities extended powers to monitor and track Canadians online. In the statement CIPS recommends that the Government of Canada "prohibit access to personal information, related records/data, content, communications or records of internet use without the safeguard of a warrant". CIPS is a non-profit organization that represents Canadian IT professionals and is a member of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP).
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