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Comment: Re:Of course as a counter example (Score 1) 828 828

by alnjmshntr (#40191761) Attached to: Venezuela Bans the Commercial Sale of Firearms and Ammunition

Canada has no where near the amount of handguns per capita that the US has, especially if you exclude hunting rifles which are never/rarely used in any criminal activity.

In terms of concealable weapons Canada has 10 times less per capita then the USA. Plus there is very little in terms of gun culture here, very few people want to own guns.

So your example or whatever point you are trying to make is meaningless.

Comment: Re:Exactly wrong (Score 1) 655 655

by alnjmshntr (#40025319) Attached to: The Mathematics of Obesity

ACtually carbs fuel your brain not fat, so you probably should be ranking carbs a bit higher on the scale of what's important to me.

Fat is for survival, carbs are for activity. That's not to say that some humans can't burn fat for activity, some do very efficently, but it takes lots of training and is not the norm.

Comment: Re:sad thing is ... (Score 1) 546 546

by alnjmshntr (#34971582) Attached to: Laser Incidents With Aircraft On the Rise

Using a .44 to defend yourself against a bear is about as stupid as you can get. Bear spray is far, far more effective especially in a close encounter which is the most dangerous situation when encountering bears. Even more effective is knowledge of how to avoid bears and what actions to take when you do encounter them.

And needing a gun for protection against wolves? Really? Does your cousin know anything about the wild?

A gun is useful for killing things for food. Other then that it is useless.

Comment: Re:winning the war on toursim (Score 1) 609 609

by alnjmshntr (#34328784) Attached to: TSA Saw My Junk, Missed Razor Blades, Says Adam Savage

Well all they can do is lobby against these measures which they do (in UK at least). I guess Americans are scared of being called unpatriotic or something.

UK Should Not 'Kowtow' to the US on Flight Security

Airport Security Checks 'Bizarre, Ineffective': Ryanair CEO

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