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Comment: You really need the Extech Tach+IR too (Score 1) 169

by almondo (#40136667) Attached to: Grilling For Geeks

I use the Extech Tach+IR's laser temperature sensor to check and deliver precise meat temperatures.

You can make a test cut and in one second of laser thermal analysis you know the meat temperature to 1/10 of a degree. It is much more accurate than analog

You could also use the tach function to precisely set the rotisserie RPM but I tend to avoid dizzy meat options.

Comment: Schwagger is a Bagger, go figure (Score 1) 667

Heh, yeah it is true. The copyright infringing lawyer simulator is just another freeloading right wing teabagger. They don't respect copyright laws, game laws, the constitution, women who aren't barefoot and pregnant or much of anything else. The whackjob probably has been standing out in the rain too long and needs to change the teabag on it's forehead.

+ - IPV4 exhaustion is here...-> 1

Submitted by stoborrobots
stoborrobots (577882) writes "Following on from APNIC's earlier assessment that they would need to request the last available /8 blocks, they have now been allocated 39/8 and 106/8, triggering ARIN's final distribution of blocks to the RIRs. According to the release, "APNIC expects normal allocations to continue for a further three to six months.""
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Comment: An Open Office casualty? (Score 1) 233

by almondo (#34625936) Attached to: Microsoft Kills Office Anti-Piracy Program

I suspect there is some behind the scenes aspect to this they don't want you to know. I raise this possibility because I have advocated and implemented it as a solution for others. When relatives asked me 'how to get rid of the billy office nag or the billy I can't read my own file format sickness' I just tell them "toss it and get Open Office. It supports the current formats, is more interoperable, and is free!". It works every time. If MS is counting the pirated copies as market share (which I have no doubt they are) then my action and those like me results in depletion of that 'market share'.

Microsoft Office has gone the way of Trumpet Winsock in my book, overchargus obsoletus extremus.

Comment: $126/year wild card or 10$/yr individual certs (Score 1) 286

by almondo (#34318894) Attached to: SSL Certificates For Intranet Sites?

I do deploy them but I do avoid getting robbed by Verisign for these and other certs by shopping around.

Currently I pay around $10 a year for individual host certs, and $126 a year for wildcards.

If you have a large number of street facing certs the wildcard is the most cost effective solution anyway but for lower volumes I use individual certs as well.

It has some cost but the reduction in uninformed user headaches is well worth it.

Comment: Re:/. snottery (Score 1) 212

by almondo (#34135432) Attached to: Microsoft Open Sources F#

History has shown that Microsoft can and will go out of it's way to earn inspiring magnitudes of disdain for itself.

If you don't like it, well, give me a $3000 rebate for money I wasted on the OS/2 1.0 SDK way back when and we can talk.

Perhaps they deserve some credit but due to a long standing pattern of debit overdrafts I will wait for the dust to settle to see if it is in fact merited before extending it.

Comment: Heh, I envision Politistein (Score 1) 92

by almondo (#33643338) Attached to: <em>Return To Castle Wolfenstein</em> Source Code Released

Since all this political mire is becoming so deep I have been trying to think of a good game angle that would require minimal effort to roll out but could adequately ridicule politifools in a appropriately warped manner.

Imagine waxing all the idiots, elephant guns, mule launchers, exploding teabags, and another unelectable wannabe turned victim around every corner. Collect PAC money, rob the citizenry, pay off the mob, sell worthless stock, pull off billion dollar ponzi schemes and more.

The spewing of colorless metaphors, the wasting of valueless time. I have foreseen it.

Comment: Re:It's called "offshore outsourcing" not unemploy (Score 1) 450

by almondo (#33503550) Attached to: Tech Sector Slow To Hire

It is sad, IBM used to be much more ethical but now
"anything to make a buck"
has decayed to
"anything to make a shareholder buck"
I have been IBM free for several years now and I am glad to stay that way. There are better clients and opportunities even in this tough market.
The ongoing humor is getting these every week now...
"IBM Opportunity for IT Infrastructure Architect - GTS-xxxxxxx"

Comment: Re:It's called "offshore outsourcing" not unemploy (Score 1) 450

by almondo (#33503170) Attached to: Tech Sector Slow To Hire

Sorry but you are wrong. I quit dealing with IBM and heavy H1B users like them because the angle is hire domestic skilled labor to train cheap barely skilled or unskilled H1Bs that have been hired and passed off as having skills.
I have my pick of places to work I just don't train H1B people anymore. I make less but I don't have to clean up huge messes anymore.

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