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Comment Re:Thanks anonymous reader! (Score 1) 294

Yeah, there IS a lot of stuff.

I think the future is in fuzzing. While an advertiser can spot the hole in a "null"-fingerprint, as soon as one of the features are not neutral, its hard to spot if a value is randomized or real. You have neither reference to the real values, nor to the fake value, the plugin uses. So an advertiser needs to do good datamining to see what features are actually still usable for tracking and which ones are not. If he includes one to much, he loses me on the next new tab, when the value changes. If he does not include a certain feature, it's possible, that this was the unique value of my browser. So his job gets harder and more costly.

"More software projects have gone awry for lack of calendar time than for all other causes combined." -- Fred Brooks, Jr., _The Mythical Man Month_