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Comment Re:The US needs a serious spanking (Score 1) 202

No, i do not. You're constructing it.

Your argument boils down to: "I just ignore laws, i see as unjust".
There is a point, where you start to do so. IF you live in a dictatorship.

But as long as you live in a democracy, you have the option to change laws. And if you do not like the law, you do not ignore it, but change it.

> European culture at its core is totalitarian
I guess you're a troll. Not sure if further discussion is worth it.

Comment Re:The US needs a serious spanking (Score 1) 202

I think you did not understand that law.

Default case: It is illegal to store data outside of the EU.
Safe harbour: We acknowledge, that certain companies ARE allowed to store their data in the US, because they can guarantee for the data safety with respect to privacy.
Now: We must assume, that data in the US is not even safe, when its there according to the safe harbour treaty, because we know the NSA does not care about treaties.

So, the point is, nobody has to store data in the US. And nobody is allowed to do so. Except for safe harbour. Which is now being challenged. Finally.

Comment Re: That's just... dishonest (Score 1) 229

if you're doing free development, you're paying already with time and ressources (i.e. power, maybe buying some new pc from time to time), and then the appstore comes and tells you "oh and i want some money from you, too". This needs really passion to pay for providing something for free. I know, many people do this, but i do not really see the point in paying big companies for this. I did some android apps and you can download them and install as APK. One is even in F-Droid.

Comment Re:EVEN WHEN??!!!! (Score 1) 57

Yeah, docker creates a layer and then never changes it. With LXC backend, it uses aufs to stack them.
I still prefer using bare LXC containers. There i know what i have and do not trust any prebuilt stuff. And when i start with creating a baseimage (debootstrap for ubuntu/debian), i just do the same as a "lxc-create -t debian" does.
But maybe i am oldschool ;).

Comment Doxxing is not your problem (Score 1) 370

Doxxing (stupid word, by the way) is not your problem. Now somebody knows you. So what? Your problem starts, when somebody tries to harm you using this information. And this are mostly illegal acts. Here the police is your friend.
Getting spam? Learn to block the sender. Do not react. Let them do it, until it bores them.

Comment Re:as a linux user, i can explain. (Score 1) 165

At this point you start with the big picture. You installed some distro to have a usable desktop. you expect a sane login system. Your distro does so, by using gdm. So your distro does what you expect from it, gdm does whats needed to fulfill this. cron is some helper, which does useful things, too. You may inspect it or disable it. Now systemd is another topic ...
But in the end, its something you (indirectly) chose. Some flash downloaded from a website is downloaded by some software you trust, still it is hidden and does things, where the programmer knew, they are against the user.

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