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Comment: Police overreactions (Score 1) 568

by allo (#49335123) Attached to: Online "Swatting" Becomes a Hazard For Gamers Who Play Live On the Internet

In europe, police would never order you to lie face down before they checked the situation, just because somebody reported something. They come and check what's happening and react in such a drastic way only if neccessary. Its the US of A with all its terror panic. And too liberal gun laws.

Comment: Re:Bullshit detector: ALERT (Score 1) 759

by allo (#49328177) Attached to: A Software Project Full of "Male Anatomy" Jokes Causes Controversy

I guess there are some projects full of infantile jokes. Some may be funny, some may be annoying. But if dick jokes are sexist, then against men. But strangly most men are less fanatic about "(s)he's insulting me, i am offended", even when someone jokes about their dongle.
But i think most women are balanced and with a sense of humor, too. The problem is, the annoying ones are the loud ones. Maybe some men are annoying as well ... then the "tasty male tears" reflex of the annoying offended women kicks in and silences them.
Yes, i am annoyed and offended ;).

Comment: A Warning should be connected with actual ... (Score 1) 79

by allo (#49315699) Attached to: MRIs Show Our Brains Shutting Down When We See Security Prompts


This means, if i get a TLS-Warning, it's mostly safe to click it away. Usually its a browser to stupid to ship the CACert Certificate.
This is no problem, because the warning is not neccessary, as the site is secured and the access does not need to be encrypted anyway, because i just want to read something. Nevertheless, the browser panics.
Now i come across some confidential page, which wants me to enter my credit card number. Now i need to awake my brain "hey, maybe i do not want to ignore the warning this time".

We need no bigger warnings. Imagine a TLS-Warning with pictures showing somebody robbing your bank account. Okay, you will get used to it and click away the warning anyway. You know the consequences. But you know the ACTUAL consequences, too. And they are "last 1000 times nothing bad happened".

So the answer is: We need less warnings. Do not warn me, that my connection is insecure with CACert. Have a decent notice, that the CA is not trusted, but the connection is encrypted. Warn me, when it's on a bank. Maybe a bank could indicate in DNS, "hey, strong check please", while my homepage which should be encrypted without much authentication can indicate "hey, maybe you do not know my CA, encrypt anyway if somebody reads the request nothing bad will happen".

Comment: Re:Great for the SJWs. (Score 1) 79

by allo (#49296659) Attached to: Twitter Adds Tool To Report Tweets To the Police

what does it matter?
1) pedophile is no crime, its a sexual preference and maybe an mental illness
2) If somebody acts illegal, it's the job of the police to act on it. If it's illegal, they will do something, if he did nothing wrong, there is nothing to do. So you do not need to care about supporting or not, it's just not your thing to judge.

Comment: Re:*eye roll* (Score 1) 79

by allo (#49296637) Attached to: Twitter Adds Tool To Report Tweets To the Police

The interesting thing about feminists: They support every disadvantage. "Hey, you can't say 'i heard that ...', because deaf people cannot her. Ableism!". But as soon as they need to cope with critizism, they use disadvantages as insult "He's got a small dick". Not only it's an insult, assuming stuff they know its propably untrue, but its even something which would be some of their many *isms.

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