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Comment: Re:Why is Android allowing Uber to access the info (Score 1) 224

by allo (#48478621) Attached to: Uber's Android App Caught Reporting Data Back Without Permission

So, they did strip the security?
Just a little reminder: a program on your linux system can read everything the user can read. Android apps need to ask for permissions (of course, they ask for a lot, but they still need to ask).

The problem is on the other hand, that most apps are spyware, as we called it when people still used PCs. And nobody cares anymore. On the PC we did not install programs, which did more than they should. on the mobile phone it's just normal.

Comment: Re:Additional... both sides are showing bad behavi (Score 1) 834

by allo (#48373401) Attached to: How To End Online Harassment

both are just not constructive.

The death threats are just plump and they are anonymous cowards.
The other side actually believes their stuff, but does not use death threat but only arrogant hate speech looking down to the people who are criticising them, saying "the critic not relevant, its just a misogynist, it's not possible (s)he's* attacking the argument, (s)he's or me as asshole person, but (s)he must be attacking the feminist movement"

* sorry for gendering, but i did not want to silently accept the "all critics are straight white men" statement in my own argumentation.

Comment: Maybe a really good idea (Score 1) 834

by allo (#48373355) Attached to: How To End Online Harassment

Someone posting a threat wants to threaten you and is not just doing it. So filter it, you do not even see it, the person does not get any feedback if the message arrived (do not send negative feedback, they can try to evade the filter than) and must assume they are filtered. So they either need to publicize the threat in their own media (being easily traced, standing publicly with their reputation behind it) or just stop it. Or they can escalate it to the reality, which is something well known by police, which can act without thinking about "is this the new cyber thingy". Most people would just be stopped and with me not even noticing it i would have the people of mind.

Comment: Re:This is not 'How to'. It's moralising (Score 1) 834

by allo (#48373267) Attached to: How To End Online Harassment

if you publicize it, the troll gets a reaction. This is a mistake. And other people get an idea and see the idea can be successful. Just shut up and wait until the shitstorm is over. And try not to attract trolls again. You cannot win, there are too many destructive people out there. Starting to cry loud "the assholes are haressing me" will not reduce the count of assholes haressing, but chances are it will increase them. So stop giving feedback.

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