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Comment Re:Jah booty (Score 1) 139

On the surface your statement sounds really good, I certainly believe that I would get sick of violence very quickly after seeing it first hand. However, why is it that war has continued for so long, and in fact I would say that the world is more anti-war than at any time in the past, even though are weapons are now much more effective at removing us from the scene? Maybe being present at particularly heinous acts actually numbs us to the reality of the event, and it is only when we can witness the killing from a distance that we can begin to dream of an alternative.

Comment aren't we being a little prude... (Score 1) 681

I mean, what's the big deal about someone touching your junk? We all go to the doctors (by choice), even 12 year olds. You really think that the TSA guys (or girls) really get a kick out of fondling some guy? They have a job to do, its not to harass us, its to make sure no one is carrying bombs onto the airplane. If one of them is being inappropriate, they will get fired, and I betcha it will happen faster than in the catholic diocese.

Comment hierarchical models (Score 2, Informative) 394

I imagine that the hierarchical models proposed by Scott Graham would be a pretty good candidate. If you break the TSP problem into a series of sub-problems of increasing complexity you get pretty good accuracy with reduced computations. Basically instead of trying to figure out how to move through all the towns in the US you first plan a route through all the states. You could probably derive a few simple heuristics that would give you that sort of behavior from a swarm...

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