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Comment Re:settled cannon for about a decade now (Score 1) 81 81

my question as a linux user is this: two years ago NVidia, after Linus flipped the bird, swore theyd make up for shortcomings in their open source driver. Has this manifested? does the linux open source driver for NVidia trumph the AMD open source radeon driver yet?

Seem like they support a later OpenGL version and more OpenGL features at least:
"Nouveau's NVC0 Gallium3D driver for GeForce GTX 400 "Fermi" GPUs and newer has all of OpenGL 4.0 and is even advertising OpenGL 4.1 compliance as shown by the screenshots I took with a GeForce GTX TITAN on Mesa Git this morning. The Intel i965 DRI driver just has a few extensions to enable for OpenGL 4.0 support as does the AMD Radeon R600/RadeonSI Gallium3D drivers. The Softpipe and LLVMpipe software rasterizers are much further behind and will probably be a number of months before these drivers handle OpenGL 4.0."

As far as performance goes the support for Maxwell (the latest GPU generation) seem to be shit, older ones seem to be doing quite well with 15-70% or so of the performance of the close drivers:

For more recent AMD cards the open-source driver is even worse relative their catalyst driver than Noveau was vs Nvidias and I guess their catalyst driver isn't as good as the Nvidia one either so go figure:

Xonotic 0.8 1080p High:
GTX 680 Nvidia driver: 269 FPS
GTX 680 Noveau: 105 FPS.
R9 285 Catalyst: 207 FPS
R9 285 Mesa: 44 FPS
GTX 750Ti Nvidia driver: 201 FPS
GTX 750Ti Noveau: 19 FPS.

So in that one I'd say the GTX 750Ti + Noveau is doing even worse than the R9 285 + Mesa one.

R9 285 with Catalyst seem to be doing quite well there.

But step back one generation and the Kepler GTX 680 owns them all.

Comment Re:Basic Engineering! (Score 1) 163 163

I have two degrees in Aerospace Engineering. I assure you it is not as easy as you try to make it.

Why complicate things?

1. Make cockpit.
2. There's no "..." - Put a "European" Muslim behind the controllers and promise him 72 virgins, fame and purpose.
3. Profit.

The Japanese figured it out too. Us Scandinavians as-well.

Comment Re:Why do I get the funny feeling that (Score 1) 265 265

Yeah. Microsoft contribute $25,000-$50,000 towards a project whose product it uses.

Surely something must be fishy with that! Considering it's such a huge amount of money for Microsoft and so on (Who just decided to write of 8 billion on their purchase of Nokia mobile phones for instance..)

Comment Re:Question (Score 2) 265 265

My Macbook Pro was used for 1.5 year and performed poorly after 1,

What's your point really? Nothing magical about Apple gear. The specs in your Macbook are weak and I know lots of Apple users has complained about how the latest OS is slow on their devices.

Comment Re:AMD takes care of its customers? (Score 1) 138 138

It's not too late for a single CPU/GPU package to completely change the playing field.

I think Intel say something like their integrated graphics is like 75 times more capable than their first one or whatever.

(I'm not comparing Intel and AMD here. Just stating how things have moved. There's of course the fact that Nvidia invest into Nvidia Grid, cloud rendering and streaming even games to consumers instead.)

It's all about what you need though. Integrated stuff is enough for many. But not for everyone. And streaming games will likely be the same.

But yeah. Who knows how many purchase graphics cards in the future.

Comment Re:Precisely. (Score 1) 138 138

The problem is, following this logic they should have used Nvidia GPU parts as well. This showcases AMD's weaknesses more than anything else. Its confirmation of what everyone already knows, AMD cant make low heat parts.

The Fury X is quicker than the GTX 980 and in half of the games seem to be quicker than the Titan X it seems:

So why the fuck would they use an Nvidia card if they got as quick card themselves?

I know it may not support feature level 12.1 of Direct X but that's it. One advantage is that it will allow you to get a cheaper FreeSync monitor.

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