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Comment: Re:Best $4400 I've ever spent in my life (Score 1) 109

Except in my case there wasn't room for the lens (which I would need) so it's more the situation that it wasn't considered now but could be once my natural lens is worse than the manufactured one would be.

Then again maybe it's not LASIK at all any longer then.

Comment: Re:Multiplayer (Score 1) 203

by aliquis (#47587307) Attached to: Nintendo Posts Yet Another Loss, Despite Mario Kart 8

When we get the Steam boxes at large that will likely be easier.

Gigabyte have their Brix devices.

(they have more models)

One interesting Steam box design I saw was one which was hanged as a "backpack" on your TV.

I guess depending on whatever one already have a powerful PC or whatever one prefer tablets there may be a difference in whatever one would just want a simple box which can stream the games using the PC as rendering engine or a more capable one which will actually be running the games.

Since the Steam controller and Steam machines with SteamOS was delayed Alienware launches with Windows 8.1, Steam and the Xbox 360 controller instead (the Xbox One work in Windows now too with official drivers but have to be connected with micro-USB cable rather than wireless, I don't know when they will fix wireless connection for it but I haven't bought one waiting for that to happen in case I can't buy it separately.)

Comment: Re:GPUs need fast memory access (Score 1) 117

by aliquis (#47586721) Attached to: AMD Launches New Higher-End Kaveri APUs A10-7800 and A6-7400K

I should had thought about dual channel myself =P

The 17 GB I saw mentioned was from a wiki and it make sense that answered for the single memory module :)

I thought later about using R290X because it likely had the greatest number, GTX 770 happen to be what I consider "good but not insanely extreme" :), good enough to beat an APU platform but not something which wouldn't be considered by most (or well, maybe so, but not out of reach for them at least :))

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