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by aliquis (#46761611) Attached to: How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion?

Also of course regardless of whatever the product is open source or propitary and paid for you can't from that draw any conclusions about the skills of the individual who have written the code but if it's a high prestige brand/project I guess chances are higher they have been more picky than if it's some small rather unknown one individual thing.

The idea was to make it a point that you for instance may not want to trust the individuals who roll their own packages for your Linux distribution of choice and download from random page or trust THISISTHEBEST___INTHEWORLDBUTITSNOTAWELLKNOWNPRODUCT from someone rather unknown for instance.

But I guess it all fails with this being OpenSSL which I feel is a high prestige / well-known product and where safety should be important and still it simply failed.

Somewhat related I noticed that Fedora run OpenSSH by default and with the defaults (PermitRootLogin yes) and listening to the whole world which imho is completely retarded and I don't see why one would want to have that the default. I guess it could be argued that "Hey, someone may need that to access the computer after installation!" but I guess in that case let them set that up in the installer or make a special installation with such settings and really, do they use the regular installer but have no keyboard and screen hooked up so they can turn it on if they want to afterwards?

It did seemed like none of the BSDs ran sshd by default. Which imho is much more reasonable. Whatever to allow root or not as default I guess one could argue on. Since the OpenSSH default is PermitRootLogin yes I guess it make some sense to keep that the default rather than changing it but I guess there has been some argument about that one too. A way of rescuing a poorly setup installation? Possibly better (imho) to just force people to redo it correctly if they mess up and really need some way to get in.

And regarding trusted source code, prestige projects and whatever anyone is actually watching the code and finding the bugs. What happened with the claim about some backdoor in was it OpenBSD or OpenSSH? Was it just bullshit or something real? I guess the first question would be whatever anything/it was actually found, because without that the answer would of course be "we don't know" =P

Guess I'm off-topic enough to not take it even further so I'll stop there :)

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I guess one thing which may have changed is that the supposedly "PC gamers" and what is the average there may have decreased / isn't even counted for any more because so many have moved to more portable stuff so what one view as a "serious PC rig" as among the best there is out there whereas previously maybe the consoles was compared to a PC more people had.

AKA compare the Xbox One to a tablet and you won't be disappointed by the performance ..

EA made their claim how the PCs couldn't run the new FIFA 14 engine, some people are like WHAT?! but the thing is likely that yeah, the most dedicated gamers with the latest and most expensive gear could run it. But most people is either lagging the latest technology simply by when they bought their rig or they have a reasonably priced laptop or something such and that's not the latest and greatest gaming PCs and is inferior to the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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FWIV - Also 1080p games and with possibly more details and AA would still of course be nicer than 720.

Xbox, 2001-2002. 64 MB 200 MHz DDR shared graphics memory, 733 MHz PIII-ish, 233 MHz NV2A.
Geometry engine: 115 million vertices/second, 125 million particles/second (peak)
932 megapixels/second (233 MHz Ã-- 4 pipelines), 1,864 megatexels/second (932 MP Ã-- 2 texture units) (peak)
(CPU random page 3 GLFOPS, GPU? Nvidia supposedly claim 80, some Xbox book say 22 in total.)

Xbox 360, 2005-2006, 512 MB 700 MHz GDDR3, 3,2 GHz Tri-Core PowerPC, 500 MHz Xenos, 500 MHz 10 MiB eDRAM.
Maximum vertex count: 6 billion vertices per second, 240 GFLOPS
Maximum pixel fillrate: 16 gigasamples per second fillrate using 4X multisample anti aliasing. Maximum texel fillrate: 8 gigatexels per second (16 textures Ã-- 500 MHz)

Xbox One, 2013-2014, 8 GB DDR3, 1.75 GHz Octo-core AMD APU, 853 MHz AMD GCN, 32 MB ESRAM.
1.31 TFLOPS.
"Xbox One supports 4K resolution (3840Ã--2160) (2160p) video" (So for something like "New super mario bros" I guess 4K wouldn't had been impossible.)

I don't know how much you can trust the numbers but from the claimed GFLOPS numbers Xbox One with be 5.5 * Xbox 360 which would be 3 * Xbox.

But it took 4 years to get to Xbox 360 and 8 years to get to Xbox One.

Still obviously better.
Previously my impression was that consoles use close to top of the line hardware when released and as is I don't see the AMD APU as such, but it's still GTX 650-650TI area and more GK106 GTX 660 for the PS4 (looking at gflops alone.)

That isn't the best you can get but it just recently was the "reasonable budget high-end" or something such, isn't the 760 still same GPU but higher clocked? Sure going all the way to 770/780/R290X may be worth it from a price/performance perspective but it's still up there.

People have problem enough running QHD games with one graphics card. Gaming (advanced looking game) isn't something which would happen with current gen graphics so that's totally out of the question.

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by aliquis (#46706957) Attached to: Navy Debuts New Railgun That Launches Shells at Mach 7

Oxygen is most definitely not flammable. Please take a grade-six science class.

But your comment is!

(Damn is weird, I wondered what page I was on, if it was some blog post I had ended up in or whatever.) .. no html quote tag in it either? I'll keep it and post this way anyway just to show how stupid it is.

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by aliquis (#46643635) Attached to: NASA Halts Non-ISS Work With Russia Over Ukraine Crisis

No, just privatizing the resources and have the rich buy the rights to them and the production. .. If the people of Ã decided they wanted to be part of Sweden rather than Finland or had Alaska not belonging to USA and they voted to become part of the USA had that been much of a problem?

I guess the real problem is Russia put troops there but then again without that happening they likely wouldn't have had the chance to vote. I'm not into what happened with the riots, coup and new government but the old was democratically elected wasn't it? And the US had interests in Ukraine getting closer to the west and who knows what they did to help the events which happened.

The US priority isn't to make everyone happy and help everyone. Their interest is to help themselves. It's the same for Russia. The US want to be everywhere and be the preferred ally because they believe that benefits them.

But now I don't know the true story and I live to far away from Ukraine and I can't really expect to get the correct information either from US or Russian officials. Last news was that even the government of the US get the correct information from the CIA.

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