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Comment Re:These companies keep giving us reasons (Score 1) 394

Yeah, the updater kinda make the claim about itself (by user-interface design) that it will provide information but it's never useful.

It's just the same block of text over and over again making the same generic claim which tell you ~nothing.

Could just as well had said "*gem* I want to mess with your copy of Windows, forcing you to reboot - again! [Shit! Fucking do that.] [Fuck! Don't do that shit!]"

Comment Re:These companies keep giving us reasons (Score 1) 394

Oh wait, I can't run $program on Linux. Too bad I need it for my job. Well, run it in Win7 you say? Ok. For now. Until the next version rolls around that needs some .net rubbish only available for Win10.

Yeah, backward support for software and forward support for the OS / support for old OSes from Microsoft has been soooo bad...

Mean-while in OS X-land the new version of your software may actually not run on the 2 year old OS I guess..

Comment Re:These companies keep giving us reasons (Score 1) 394

You may wanna check your list of updates. Microsoft has already added a bunch of telemetry tools in the guise of "important updates".

Fuck. Just yesterday I added even all the optional ones again as usual.

MicrosoftÂs information about the upgrades are always useless. In their tool it just give a generic message and tell you to go check somewhere else. I don't understand why we can't get actual information about what the upgrade is about. Confusing for the idiots which is supposed to be able to handle Windows too?

Comment Re:I dern't believe it! (Score 2) 732

The F-22 wasn't "killed". They just decided not to make as many as they originally intended. That happens with every big ticket military program - they always pad the numbers so they can divide out the development costs over more units to make it look cheaper than it really is.

WOW! Such savings! - Much cheaper!

Comment To be fair (Score 2) 732

... to be fair the US seem to have great success with their drones.

Sure it may not be as "fair" and may also be "terrorism" to hang them above people bombing them at will. And maybe it may also not work that great against a technical advanced enemy ("Ukrainian" rebels with Russian equipment (such as Borisoglebsk 2? has managed to shut down GPS, mobile systems and communication in Ukraine: http://www.svd.se/putins-nya-s...)

But yeah. If the current jets don't cut it will we really see new designs with humans in them? Guess higher resistance against electronic warfare would be the one reason for that to happen?

The drones seem to work so well and one don't seem to want to have humans killed unnecessarily.


Lasers? What are efficient ways to disturb light/lasers? Most efficient mirror?

Comment Re:Couldn't they just book one? (Score 1) 330

as a burglary gone wrong (something which simply never happens in Finland so it's a bad story to make up)

Maybe that's the case. I don't know.

In Sweden I don't see why it couldn't have been and regardless it would likely be much more likely to happen here.

It's about the same native people, cultural values among them (well, except Swede-hating racist traitorous cultural-relativistic social-fascism in Sweden) but since Sweden is so chock-full of people who don't belong here, haven't grown up here and don't always share the same values or have the same skills, capability and live similar lives it's more likely that one of them do something such.

Just yesterday of course the biggest news in Sweden is that two asylum-seekers from Eritrea likely has killed a mother and a son at IKEA kitchen section in Vösterås. I don't know why and why it started but that's the result at least. Likely with knifes from that same section. Some kind of argument and then someone getting a knife it seem.

It would be very unlikely for that to happen with actual Swedes.. Or fins. Or west-Europeans. Or citizens of the United States or Canada to do that. Unlikely to happen in say Japan or so too I guess.

But.. These savages are from societies where it's still natural to slaughter other people.

The older of the two seem to have just been here since 13th July this year.

Good guy.

That's much less likely to happen in Finland because they haven't drenched their country in people from the middle-east and Africa and Muslims who of course know that at times we're valid targets and decapitating us are just fine.

And Sweden being what it is the media policy is to hide ethnicity and religion among other things when it's not deemed relevant ("is it ever?") and as such the newspapers telegram bureau TT warned those who subscribe to news from them that they would actually mention that they where from Eritrea this time because the police had mentioned it previously.
During normal times Swedes are lied to about the result of the invasion and open borders for all sorts of shit from around the world.

Comment Re:settled cannon for about a decade now (Score 1) 83

my question as a linux user is this: two years ago NVidia, after Linus flipped the bird, swore theyd make up for shortcomings in their open source driver. Has this manifested? does the linux open source driver for NVidia trumph the AMD open source radeon driver yet?

Seem like they support a later OpenGL version and more OpenGL features at least:
"Nouveau's NVC0 Gallium3D driver for GeForce GTX 400 "Fermi" GPUs and newer has all of OpenGL 4.0 and is even advertising OpenGL 4.1 compliance as shown by the screenshots I took with a GeForce GTX TITAN on Mesa Git this morning. The Intel i965 DRI driver just has a few extensions to enable for OpenGL 4.0 support as does the AMD Radeon R600/RadeonSI Gallium3D drivers. The Softpipe and LLVMpipe software rasterizers are much further behind and will probably be a number of months before these drivers handle OpenGL 4.0."

As far as performance goes the support for Maxwell (the latest GPU generation) seem to be shit, older ones seem to be doing quite well with 15-70% or so of the performance of the close drivers:

For more recent AMD cards the open-source driver is even worse relative their catalyst driver than Noveau was vs Nvidias and I guess their catalyst driver isn't as good as the Nvidia one either so go figure:

Xonotic 0.8 1080p High:
GTX 680 Nvidia driver: 269 FPS
GTX 680 Noveau: 105 FPS.
R9 285 Catalyst: 207 FPS
R9 285 Mesa: 44 FPS
GTX 750Ti Nvidia driver: 201 FPS
GTX 750Ti Noveau: 19 FPS.

So in that one I'd say the GTX 750Ti + Noveau is doing even worse than the R9 285 + Mesa one.

R9 285 with Catalyst seem to be doing quite well there.

But step back one generation and the Kepler GTX 680 owns them all.

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