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Comment Re:DDR4 when there's GDDR5 (Score 1) 99

thought DDR4 came out in 2000, and the PlayStation family was up to GDDR5.

First one was a joke on your part.

I don't know about the second one but there exist no spec for DDR5, GDDR5 isn't based on and improved upon DDR4. It's based and improved upon GDDR4 which in return is on DDR3.

One is the chimpanzee the other the human so to speak.

Comment Re:Better question (Score 1) 99

ZEN is supposed to increase IPC speeds by 40% at the same clock. It will also get SMT but I guess that may already be accounted for.

Whatever those clock speeds will be and how many cores they will have we don't know. Manufacturing process likely 14 nm in both cases.

AMD R&D budget is much smaller though.
Though Intel also build their plants.
Both invest in graphics but I guess Nvidia graphics R&D budget may also be higher than AMDs? =P

Suck to be AMD.

Comment Re:Lies (Score 1) 99

$200-$300 premium?

I7 5775C in Sweden: 3949 SEK.
I7 6700K in Sweden: 3629 SEK.
Difference: 320 SEK = $39 - VAT = $31.2

So more like $20-30 premium...

And that's before you consider the Z97 + DDR3 vs Z170 + DDR4 difference.

Asus Z97-P 790 SEK.
ASUS Z170-P D3 1129 SEK
ASUS Z170M-E D3 1012 SEK

Z170 = 222 SEK more expensive.

2x4 GB DDR3 474 SEK.
2x4 GB DDR4 545 SEK.

i7 6700 + Z170M-E D3 + 2x4 GB DDR4 = 5186 SEK
i7 5775C + Z97-P + 2x4 GB DDR3 = 5213 SEK
Difference: 27 SEK = $3.3

Comment Re:Lies (Score 2) 99

In the comparison I saw, Broadwell-C outperforms by an inconsequential amount in games that are CPU bound (5%). So yes, with Broadwell-C you can pace Civ 5 etc at 125fps instead of 119fps. Those are meaningless numbers from a playability perspective.

I wouldn't call them meaningless. Regardless no-one said there was a huge difference or that you should bother.

Even the i7 4790K isn't far away from the i7 6700K Skylake one so you could even go with that which is also cheaper.

And speaking about prices and old models the i7 5820K would likely give 6700K a run in modern game titles too.

If you go further back the i7 4770K, i7 3770K and possibly the i7 2700K isn't terrible and far away either, per generation at least. You likely got like less than 10% of extra performance for each new one. And that's when you ignore 5775C (as in 6700K not being 1.1*1.1 times better than the 4790K.)

That a supposedly uninteresting chip with better integrated graphics clocked at 3.3 GHz can outrun the newer chip on the new platform clocked at 4.0 GHz in gaming was a surprise for people.

Speaking of over-clocking and the 5775C vs 6700K the 5820K likely over-clocks very well as-well (The metal capsule/lid over it is supposed to be soldered on that one if I remember correctly, the 8-core one over-clocks nicely and the 6-core one should have an easier time I suppose unless lower quality.)

Comment Re:Lies (Score 2) 99

Not at the same speeds.

At first this made me confused.

But yeah, Skylake is clocked higher and that's likely mostly why it beat Broadwell in benchmark tasks whereas Broadwell have more cache and and tweaks which obviously made it better for games even though lower clocked.

The speed / MHz I wouldn't call important though because it's a simple fact that Broadwell i5 and i7 C-cpus are lower clocked and that's how it is. What matter is how they actually perform not "but if!"

I don't agree they are poor over-clockers though. Swedish Sweclockers thought they was but they only looked at the resulting clock-speed and yeah, the 6700K can likely do 5 GHz something the 5775C likely won't. But the 6700K stock is 4 GHz whereas the 5775C is 3.3 GHz so in percent they both over-clock quite well and likely by about the same amount/percent.

How much (as a ratio) you can over-clock should be what's important, not what frequency you end up with.

Comment Re:These companies keep giving us reasons (Score 1) 394

Yeah, the updater kinda make the claim about itself (by user-interface design) that it will provide information but it's never useful.

It's just the same block of text over and over again making the same generic claim which tell you ~nothing.

Could just as well had said "*gem* I want to mess with your copy of Windows, forcing you to reboot - again! [Shit! Fucking do that.] [Fuck! Don't do that shit!]"

Comment Re:These companies keep giving us reasons (Score 1) 394

Oh wait, I can't run $program on Linux. Too bad I need it for my job. Well, run it in Win7 you say? Ok. For now. Until the next version rolls around that needs some .net rubbish only available for Win10.

Yeah, backward support for software and forward support for the OS / support for old OSes from Microsoft has been soooo bad...

Mean-while in OS X-land the new version of your software may actually not run on the 2 year old OS I guess..

Comment Re:These companies keep giving us reasons (Score 1) 394

You may wanna check your list of updates. Microsoft has already added a bunch of telemetry tools in the guise of "important updates".

Fuck. Just yesterday I added even all the optional ones again as usual.

MicrosoftÂs information about the upgrades are always useless. In their tool it just give a generic message and tell you to go check somewhere else. I don't understand why we can't get actual information about what the upgrade is about. Confusing for the idiots which is supposed to be able to handle Windows too?

Comment Re:I dern't believe it! (Score 2) 732

The F-22 wasn't "killed". They just decided not to make as many as they originally intended. That happens with every big ticket military program - they always pad the numbers so they can divide out the development costs over more units to make it look cheaper than it really is.

WOW! Such savings! - Much cheaper!

Comment To be fair (Score 2) 732

... to be fair the US seem to have great success with their drones.

Sure it may not be as "fair" and may also be "terrorism" to hang them above people bombing them at will. And maybe it may also not work that great against a technical advanced enemy ("Ukrainian" rebels with Russian equipment (such as Borisoglebsk 2? has managed to shut down GPS, mobile systems and communication in Ukraine: http://www.svd.se/putins-nya-s...)

But yeah. If the current jets don't cut it will we really see new designs with humans in them? Guess higher resistance against electronic warfare would be the one reason for that to happen?

The drones seem to work so well and one don't seem to want to have humans killed unnecessarily.


Lasers? What are efficient ways to disturb light/lasers? Most efficient mirror?

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