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Comment Re:This is the only answer that matters (Score 1) 373

The thing is that using SteamOS is likely more intimidating than using Steam in Windows. You can still enter full-screen mode and you know the OS and it perform better and many more games work.

Only advantage for the user of SteamOS is that it load straight into full-screen mode but that could easily had been solved with Windows too - I guess.

Even if you're only going to play games one could even say Windows 10 is worth paying for due to the better performance and MUCH bigger game library. Also there's of course ways around that issue.

Personally I have mixed feelings about Steam. I think it seem retarded to add games I could play the DRM-free copy for free of when I have paid for the key and don't really need it. But I do so anyway but I have a hard time justifying it. I purchase lots of games (likely bought like 1 400 steam keys) and playing the DRM-free copies and reselling the Steam keys would had saved me some money (I have no idea what I've spent but I guess it could be $1 000 or more than that too.)

Comment Re:PS4 (Score 1) 373

Thought about the wrong game. Meant Star wars: Battlefront.

Seem like all of:
* Battlefield 4
* Battlefield Hardline
* Star wars: Battlefront beta

ran at 720p on the Xbox One at-least on release.
All of them in 60 FPS though.

Watchdogs supposedly ran at 792p too.

It is the case for the Xbox One.

Comment Re:This is the only answer that matters (Score 1) 373

Personally I consider the demands for free software an annoyance. But we're all different.

I've hated Linux distributions who doesn't use the superior Nvidia graphics drivers or codecs for videos and audio and flash because I kinda "needed" that for a decent usage of the machine.

I understand the point of demanding that is to force development to go that way and that likely work to some extent but .. I don't really want to live with the consequences =P

I don't see why one should be a fan of Steam in the first place if one want free software. Humble bundle often sell games without copy protection so why not use that version instead? Personally I think it's somewhat fun to be able to share images and write reviews and such on Steam even if that mean it cost more money.. So I kinda don't like it in one way.

I think there's a free Command & conquer clone, there's also free Quake-like games.

I don't see the beauty in Nethack either.

I got another copy of this:
And the one kinda IS beautiful. I guess I should play it.
This image is funny: http://cdn.akamai.steamstatic....

However I can only imagine that playing a MUD would be so much more fun than playing a single-player adventure though.

Even know if they got like 10-15 friends to join them in playing MUD on the school don't you think they would start to enjoy it a lot? Some would likely drop out but some would likely drop in.

I have never really sank my fingers into a MUD but multi-player is always beyond single-player.

Also one can still use free software, it cost nothing, one can still be social (headset and Skype while playing?), it cost nothing and so on.

Comment Re:This is the only answer that matters (Score 1) 373

nothing like it is on Steam (except maybe Blood Bowl 2, but that's Windows-only anyway). So if I make them follow my FSF-aligned beliefs, I'm just going to alienate them from me and from the ideas of the FSF

You do know Steam and the games aren't free software either? So.. like.. You know ..

Neither are the consoles software (even if FreeBSD based in the case of PS4) or the games on them.

If you actually want free software games then the PC likely is the best option after-all.

Comment Re:PS4 (Score 1) 373

So, there are several reasons that, if you're looking for a console, you should get a console.

But he also wrote:

I've also considered getting a gaming PC, whether Linux or Windows

then again:

but it's more expensive and game reviews show most are not as good as a dedicated game console.

The later could be argued.

First, You're going to spend more on a gaming PC than you will a console to get a benefit over consoles.

i3 6100 - $125
B150 motherboard - $65
2x4 GB DDR4 - $43
GTX 950 - $150

That's about as cheap as something console like could go if one had some old computer around. $383, add $50 for a controller and you're at 433. I don't know what a console cost in the US but it's likely not all that much cheaper.

If you demand "a benefit" and mean performance then you will of course have to pay even more, but there's benefits of both.

Games are tailored to the hardware in consoles. With PCs, there isn't that amount of fine tuning.

I agree, I assume part of the performance difference is the more efficient low-level access available as-well - something the PC have got now too.

But, the biggest point is that you lose out on console exclusives.

Can't the multi-platform titles be enough then? PC would be better for many titles too, less likely to play CS:GO, LoL / Dota2, Civilization V. There's likely a bunch of smaller titles too.

Also the PC is likely the best one to get access to all the old console-exclusives and it's backwards- and forwards compatible (that may happen with the others too now when they more or less are PCs too) meaning you've got access to lots and lots of games.

Things like Sunset Overdrive (probably the best Xbox One exclusive so far for someone like me) didn't come out on PC.

I don't know what that game is, but I know that there's exclusives for both XB1 and PS4.

You also get free games every month with Games with Gold... or the PS equivalent

They aren't free, you pay for online gaming with the consoles something which is usually free on the PC (or rather paid for by getting the game), if you had signed up to the Humble Monthly Bundle for $12 for November you'd get:
* Saints Row 4
* Legend of Grimrock 2
* Valkyria Chronicles
* Besiege
* Towerfall: Ascension
* Lethal League
* Sanctuary RPG

You could of course purchase any of the normal bundles with known content, like the recent Jumbo bundle 5 which at the top tier for $9 gave you:

* Insurgency
* Men of War: Assault Squad â" Game of the Year Edition
* Abyss Odyssey â" Two Pack
* Blackguards 1
* Blackgurards 2
* Contagion â" Four Pack
* Euro Truck Simulator 2
* Teslagrad
* A Story About My Uncle
* Spintires
* Divinity: Dragon Commander

Beyond that there's lots of sales and if one are willing to wait for a better price the PC copy of a game released for all platforms will be cheaper on the PC than it will be on a gaming console.

Then there's the social aspects

Exist for both and it's all about what you friends use.

Back to his post:

I'm really wary on the PlayStation because of the 5 PS2s with broken optical drives sitting in my garage

Known issue with them. The Gamecube was very picky with what discs it would read instead but I guess the laser may have lived on longer there instead. Discs are kinda annoying anyway, the benefit is of course if you can sell your used games - You can't on Steam - You can however share them within "your family" at least.

I'm a Linux user for life after getting tired of their crappy operating system.

I don't see what's crappy with it. And I've used lots of Linux and BSD too.

The kids want Fallout 4, and I want Star Wars Battlefront and any version of Gran Turismo.

I assume Fallout 4 may be best on PC - how does it work with all mods on consoles?

A GTX 970 can run Star Wars Battlefront on Ultra in 2560x1440 in close to 60 FPS.

Mean-while the Xbox One run the same title in 1280x720 (at 60 FPS I guess but it's 1/4 the resolution ..)
I assume the GTX 950 I mentioned before is enough to run it at least as good as on the Xbox One.
On the PC you'll also be able to say play the new Unreal Tournament for free (and the arena style games.)

So, which gaming console should I get that will last a long time?

Wait a year and get the next Nintendo console?

Comment Re:PS4 (Score 1) 373

Get the PS4... It's the faster machine

Well, sorta. The GPU is better on the PS4, the processor isn't. And the processor is weak on both but they all have equivalent low overhead technologies as Mantle, DirectX 12 and Vulcan. The PS4 got quicker RAM.

The PS4 indeed run many titles at higher resolution or frame-rate, it's supposed to not be as visible though. The PS4 also seem to out-sell the Xbox One 2:1 but here in Sweden at-least I often get the impression Xbox is the stronger brand? Maybe not?

Personally I would vote for the PC:
In Fallout 4 an i3 (two core) work just as well as an eight-core FX8000-series processor from AMD, the PS4 and Xbox One processors are AMD ones with eight cores but clocked about half as much as the FX-8320 and such.
Nvidia claim better graphics than both with the GTX 950.

An i3 + GTX 950 + controller doesn't cost much money. IT MAY HAVE THE FRIENDS ISSUE THOUGH.
The rest (HDD, case, PSU, possibly RAM) he already seem to have so depending on how one build it won't cost much and be at-least as good. Beyond that the PC can of course become better.

As for the OS get Windows 10 and be done with it. Obviously the Linux titles doesn't run as well on SteamOS 2 as the same games do on Windows 10 so that's that. Also with Windows 10 said to be the last Windows or something (will it?) getting a non-OEM version even if one purchase one seem like a decent option considering how long it will last (XP lasted for ~15 years so ..)

Comment Re:That will go well (Score 1) 129

We use gold in electronics, medicine, etc. See here. Sure, we don't "need" a computer or a smartphone, but ...

About 78% of gold consumed each year is made into jewelry. Jewelry is the most common way gold reaches consumers, and has been a primary use for the metal in various cultures. Because of its beautiful and durable properties, gold jewelry is an adornment that is both ethereal and revered. Especially in India, adorning the body with gold is a way to attract wealth and blessings."

Also you can recycle gold so there's no reason to mine it multiple km down into the sea and then into the seabed. Lots of gold to go around for your electronics purposes, random webpage:
"There is currently somewhere between 120,000 and 140,000 tonnes of gold in the world 'above ground'. To visualise this, imagine a single solid gold bullion"

That's ~18 gram or half an ounce per person living on the planet. Plenty to go around for your electronic needs.

Comment Re:That will go well (Score 1) 129

But I am a firm believer in diversification of risk. I'd rather have some coal and some nuclear, rather than just one, as the risks are different.

The thing with gold however is that we don't even needs it!

There's no real reason to collect it except it takes resources to do so so that makes it valuable..

Destroy nature and waste work on getting something you'll just store away for no other purpose? Make sense!

"The Avis WIZARD decides if you get to drive a car. Your head won't touch the pillow of a Sheraton unless their computer says it's okay." -- Arthur Miller