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Comment: Neo-Realism is useless in Middle East Politics (Score 1) 707

Waltz' infatuation with neo-realism does not serve him well when looking at Middle Eastern politics.
He turns a blind eye to the India-Pakistan skirmish over Kashmir, neatly dismissing the idea that both nations have nuclear weapons. .
He assumes that Iran would act rationally, and would not destroy Israel out of religious zealotry and the conviction that their actions and own inevitable mutually assured destruction would make them martyrs. A nuclear Iran would not remain nuclear at all. It's mullahs would fulfill their religous obligations as quickly as they possibly could. .
He assumes that the Sunni nations, like Saudi Arabia would not feel threatened by a Shia nuclear superpower in their backyards and would not start up their own nuclear programs..

Comment: we should not leave the Germains unsupevised (Score 1) 152

by alinuxguruofyore (#40303889) Attached to: How Technology Promotes World Peace
The US military presence in Germany and throughout the world is also a stabilizing force. European nations are not diverting financial resources to stand up their own armies and investing those savings to their economy. Also, the last time we left the Germans unsupervised, WW II began.

Comment: All Geniuses are Heretics, not vice versa (Score 1) 288

by alinuxguruofyore (#40300545) Attached to: 'Inventor of Email' Gets Support of Noam Chomsky

I think this has the cause and effect backwards. These people made revolutionary discoveries because they were self-confident, open to questioning basic assumptions, and willing to endure ridicule for proposing unconventional theories. People like this are wrong 99% of the time, but can make some really big breakthroughs the other 1% of the time.

All geniuses are heretics, but all heretics are not necessarily geniuses. He made no significant contribution to his own area of specialization. His body of work is seen as pedantic and derivative when it is not universally dismissed as simply being wrong. Sometimes the guy talking to God can actually part the Red Sea...but most of the guys talking to voices in their own head are not saints.

Comment: Re:Integration is a powerful tool (Score 1) 347

by alinuxguruofyore (#37401024) Attached to: Windows Server 8 Is A Radical Departure From Previous Releases

Integration of MS products with MS products is not a reason to call something great. This applies if you replace MS with any other corporation.

A products move from good to great is strongly based on its coupling and cohesion with other solutions. This is true for a software package, a hardware package, or a process. For example, Google Apps and Picassa have very little to no coupling and cohesion. Visual Studio and Azure have a very functional level of coupling and cohesion. Each is greater than the sum of their parts.

Comment: Emotionally charged words (Score 1) 207

by alinuxguruofyore (#36377518) Attached to: Will Microsoft Release Its Own Windows 8 Tablet?
"Microsoft isn't exactly known for its hardware prowess" When fans of Apple chime in, they never seem to mention the Newton, Lisa, or Pippin. Yet, any product failure on Microsoft is used as evidence for the "impending doom of Microsoft". Quite frankly, Microsoft's batting average is about as good or better than any other company.

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