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Comment: Re:Do people *still* think this is a "currency"? (Score 1) 174

by alihm (#45631891) Attached to: How a Bitcoin Transaction Actually Works
People who say Bitcoin a currency don't know shit about it, Bitcoin is more like gold or silver (read this http://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf). gold prices have jumped up and down million times in history. Bitcoin might be overpriced now (or maybe not) but it is a brilliant technology that will make our life much easier.

Comment: Re:It won't save you (Score 1) 410

by alihm (#44534395) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Recommendations For Non-US Based Email Providers?
Internet needs a new protocol for sending emails ASAP, And It's not really hard actually. Here is a simple example how it should have been: Say Server X wants to send an email to server Y 1- X initiates a connection to Y and asks for private key 2- X encrypts email(including meta data) using Y's private key 3- X sends the packet and closes the connection

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