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Comment: Re:Do people *still* think this is a "currency"? (Score 1) 174

by alihm (#45631891) Attached to: How a Bitcoin Transaction Actually Works
People who say Bitcoin a currency don't know shit about it, Bitcoin is more like gold or silver (read this gold prices have jumped up and down million times in history. Bitcoin might be overpriced now (or maybe not) but it is a brilliant technology that will make our life much easier.

Comment: Re:It won't save you (Score 1) 410

by alihm (#44534395) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Recommendations For Non-US Based Email Providers?
Internet needs a new protocol for sending emails ASAP, And It's not really hard actually. Here is a simple example how it should have been: Say Server X wants to send an email to server Y 1- X initiates a connection to Y and asks for private key 2- X encrypts email(including meta data) using Y's private key 3- X sends the packet and closes the connection

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