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by drinkypoo (#47522365) Attached to: Microsoft's CEO Says He Wants to Unify Windows

Since the tech behind it is DirectX 11 level, with multicore support as a first priority, it makes little sense to use something that old and unsuited.

Well, I shall attempt to dig through my various archives to see if I've stored the references. I'm not sure if I last looked them up before or after the period where I began using Scrapbook+ religiously. The stuff is hard to find now what with all the people making claims one way or another having taken priority in Google's database.

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While Windows Phone 7 had the underpinnings of Windows CE... Windows Phone 8 had an NT kernel under the hood... ditto for the Xbox One.

The Xbone has a kernel derived from the Xbox which was derived from Windows 2000. It's a fork. Presumably they'll unify for the next platform, which probably won't just be like a PC, it will probably be made 100% with commodity parts and not even a custom GPU. Given that consoles are now inferior to PCs due to price points, there's no reason whatsoever to try to be fancy. This will also let them bring out a new console more often, which is important if you're trying to dominate the living room. You always want to offer the latest, snazziest.

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Before Windows 8, they tried the opposite with Windows CE - a desktop UI (start menu and everything) on small devices. That never got popular either.

Android makes it possible to actually replace the launcher. Windows Mobile didn't do that, and that is where they failed. Windows proper has pretty much the same problem, though. You can replace the Windows Shell (Explorer.exe) but your system will shit itself occasionally. Things just won't work right without an explorer process running. Leastways, this was true through Windows XP. I tried several of the popular shell replacements but all of them had this problem.

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by drinkypoo (#47521413) Attached to: VP Biden Briefs US Governors On H-1B Visas, IT, and Coding

Hey, working 60+ hours per week is a bona fide occupational qualification for some jobs!

No, no it is not. It means that one person is doing the work of two, and a so-called "job creator" is expecting them to pick up the tab for their greed. Of course, it's possible that this supposed job creator cannot afford to hire enough people to get the work done, in which case they should go out of business so that someone who can fill the need and pay a living wage can fill the gap, or so that potential customers find another, more cost-effective solution which can be implemented while paying a living wage.

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by drinkypoo (#47521401) Attached to: How the Internet of Things Could Aid Disaster Response

But now researchers are examining how the so-called "Internet of Things" â" the proliferating array of Internet-communicating devices in our lives â" can transmit emergency messages via ad-hoc networks even when the Internet backbone in a region is inoperable.

Hey, how about examining how the so-called internet-of-things could use a mesh network and replace the internet that we know with a more reliable fabric? Then it would certainly be able to transmit emergency messages.

People complain that this approach can never handle the traffic of the interwebs but as long as you can communicate with multiple access points at once, then there is plenty of available bandwidth. Wherever population is dense, there will be more things to provide an internet, and more bandwidth available.

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The fact that you didn't just means you weren't paying attention.

That's what I said. I wasn't paying attention, because I shouldn't have to pay attention to make sure they don't do something staggeringly stupid.

Enjoy Firefox while it lasts.

I enjoy it a lot less now with this buggy-ass patch to their hubristic fuckup.

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Face it, you can insist all you want that you're right, and nobody wanted this, and that it was the fault of a couple of idiots, but if that's the case then everyone yelling about this now are the real idiots for letting it happen.

Everything you said is stupid, but you're also a coward so shock, amazement. I didn't hear about it until it was happening, and I shouldn't have to ride herd on the devs to make sure they don't inexplicably waste a bunch of screen real estate and castrate the interface. It should be obvious that's a stupid idea.

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Pollution is highly specific to the existence of given technology at a given stage of development.

And as a corollary, a civilization which spends too much time at any given stage is going to collapse again when it uses up its ready resources, and/or renders its biosphere uninhabitable. If we had used up all the trees, for example, on the planet. Many civilizations did deforest astoundingly large areas even before the invention of power equipment. If we had used up all the ready ores without inventing power equipment. If we use up all the fossil fuels without figuring out what to do about the CO2.

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My point was that in MS world, you don't have a compiler until you get the SDK (which most people don't even know exists), and most think you only get a compiler through visual studio, whereas in linux it is commonly already there or a 'yum install gcc' or 'apt-get install gcc' away.

If you google for programming for windows, visual studio download is going to be one of your top hits. It's not like this is any different in Linuxland, but that's my point. It's still just a download away. On the other hand, it sounds to me like you're complaining that Windows package management is shit. Obviously, Microsoft should make it possible for you to install package from repos. Oh wait, that's what they're doing now.

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So, to give people their "bad car analogy" it's like selling an International DT466 engine in a school bus, a semi tractor, a very large pickup truck, a combine, and a tractor.

The thing is that the DT466, the T444, and even the IDI engines (e.g. A185) were all used successfully in all of those contexts, and people even swap DT466s into 3/4 ton pickups (let alone those other engines.) But shoehorning full Windows onto a handheld would be more like putting one of those engines into a roadster.

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Here's a real life car analogy... GM in the 80's "unified" all their drivetrains.

It wasn't just GM. Everyone who hadn't already done this (that is, everyone but the Japanese) did this in the 1980s. It is in fact the general trend for all automakers. VW Group exemplifies this tendency today. The 350 chevy continued to be a highly desirable powerplant for pretty much all purposes right through the 1980s, and up until they developed its successor, the LS1.

GM cars from the 80's are considered to be the worst built and least desirable of the company's history. You don't see any of those models still driving around with classic plates on them.

That has nothing to do with the engines, which for the most part were the same engines from the prior decade, and everything to do with American producers trying to compete on cost with the Japanese.

For God's sake, stop researching for a while and begin to think!