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Comment Re:AV2009 To The Rescue (Score 2, Interesting) 334

Can't make this up / isn't a joke / etc... At the computer repair shop I work for, we had a guy come in who actually purchased Antivirus 360 to the tune of $80. He also recommended it to some of his friends. Unfortunately, his friends work at a bank. It was a very messy situation.

Comment Re:AV2009 To The Rescue (Score 2, Informative) 334

I work for a computer repair shop, and we see AV20xx ridiculously often... We burned a CD with Malwarebytes 1.41 and SysInternals Process Explorer, and that's all it really takes to disable it, allowing for full removal. Make sure you rename procexp.exe to iexplore.exe and then kill the virus process, launch Malwarebytes and nuke. After that, fix any internet connectivity problems, install a trial of Sunbelt Vipre, then scan with both until clean. After that, do a final pass with the free version of PrevxCSI and remove files manually until it comes up clean. Viola!

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