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Operating Systems

+ - What should go in a Linux box?

alexwcovington writes: Now that the dreaded Vista is here, I've had it with Microsoft once and for all. My next computer will run on Linux, and the time is now. I'm browsing online catalog sites for parts right now. My budget is about US$1200, so I won't be buying anything bleeding edge. What I will need are components that have good Linux support, so I can set it all up without extensive research.

I know you're wondering why I'm starting in so late. I tried to switch last year using Slackware on my vintage 2003 box, but even my best Linux-hacker friends had trouble figuring out how to get ATi's Radeon 9500 driver package to work; thus my concern about compatibility issues. I need parts that will go with Linux like butter on bread. Warm butter, not cold, mind you!

So what's the best side of the Intel/AMD, nVidia/ATi equations for a Linux box, or are they suddenly equal in '07? Do I need to worry about motherboard chipsets at all? What vendors are particularly bad and good as far as Linux support goes?
The Media

+ - Is PC World worth it?

alexwcovington writes: I've subscribed to PC World magazine since 1996, but my subscription is up for renewal this year, and I'm not sure if I need it anymore. I love reading the Stephen Manes rants and hoarding back issues in my closet, but I find myself getting virtually all the hard information I used to turn to PC World for from the Internet. What's the relevance of a print IT publication in modern times?

+ - Irwin Tapes to be Destroyed?

alexwcovington writes: BBC News reports that Steve Irwin's final moments were caught on tape — but that his manager wants the tapes destroyed, despite Irwin's wishes that even his death be filmed. Given the sheer amount of footage available on any number of gruesome topics, why should the Irwin tapes be destroyed instead of studied?

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