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Submission + - Andrea Rossi's E-Cat patent granted

An anonymous reader writes: Well it looks like everyone can now see what makes the E-Cat tick, it has been granted a US Patent, may the debate over the science of it commence!

Comment Git not good for big assets (Score 2) 378

We work on lots of asset rich projects - often the PSDs folder will span many (hundreds!) gigabytes for a small project, and we'll be working on multiple projects at once. The PSDs then often have source imagery and a whole load of clutter collected from clients. SVN is superb at dealing with this scenario, since as a coder I don't fill my machine with sources I don't need - but we need them archived and backed up none the less. This is especially a problem if you're a developer with a fancy small SSD and the guy across the room has 6TB at his disposal for videos ;-)!

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