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The Courts

+ - RIAA awarded $675,000 in damages in Tenenbaum case

Submitted by Mr. Morton
Mr. Morton (666) writes "The verdict is in, and it's not good for Joel Tenenbaum. 'A Boston federal jury has ordered Joel Tenenbaum to pay a total of $675,000--$22,500 per song--to the major record labels for infringing 30 songs by downloading and distributing them over the KaZaA peer-to-peer network. The figure is closer to the $222,000 award in the first Jammie Thomas-Rasset trial than the $1.92 million figure from the second trial. The verdict came down at late Friday afternoon after less than three hours of deliberation.'"

Comment: Re:GTFO MY /b/ (Score 1) 3

by alexmogil (#28833345) Attached to: AT&T Blocks Select 4chan Boards
I hope this struggle doesn't delve into "the content is bad." Major news organizations (insert film of exploding van here) will likely speak of the content of the site and skew people's opinion. The fact is that a provider is limiting access based on their ability to control said access.

Gah, this is pathetic. The inevitable antics from Anonymous won't help much either.


+ - AT&T Blocks Select 4chan Boards-> 3

Submitted by
SmarkWoW writes "In what appears to be the first major steps toward stifling Net Neutrality, AT&T blocks a select few boards from the major imageboard 4chan. First reported by the official 4chan Status Blog, it appears that those who have residential AT&T DSL connections are unable to view certain boards on 4chan. The boards in question are /rk9/ and the infamous /b/. As most readers know, /b/ is the home of Anonymous, a large group of computer users responsible for spawning many memes such as RickRolling and LOLcats. Sources estimate that 15.5% of all internet users user AT&T DSL. A few short hours after reports of the blockage surfaced, members of /b/ have already begun to retaliate. The first strike appears to be toward the AT&T CEO, Randall Stephenson. Needless to say, this is going to get ugly."
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+ - Universal Music Declines new long-term iTunes Deal->

Submitted by
alexmogil writes "Universal has opted not to sign a long term deal with Apple for digital music distribution. Previously, Universal signed a two year and then a single year extension, but now has opted to decline a new two year deal opting to go month-to-month — potentially allowing Universal to sign new deals with other online vendors, or none at all. Universal is the largest music company and produces one out of every three albums sold in the US."
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+ - Comcast Blocking

Submitted by Kainaw
Kainaw (676073) writes "For well over a week, I have not been able to access from home (where I use Comcast high-speed Internet). I can access it from work easily. I thought it was a blip for a few days, but then started asking around. Nobody here can access through Comcast. I've called and emailed them in the morning and evening for the last three days and I haven't received any worthwhile response. They just tell me to unplug my modem and plug it back in. So, now I'm thinking about the current push by companies like Comcast to charge for preferred Internet service. Is this the first step — blocking Linux sites to push out those "free software" freaks who demand an equal Internet for all?"

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