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Comment: Bulletproof laptop (Score 2) 340

by alexjplant (#45740247) Attached to: Free Software Foundation Endorses a "Truly Free" Laptop
I actually bought one of these laptops used on fleaBay two years ago. I'm currently running Arch and Fluxbox (yeah yeah I know...) on it and it's snappy as hell. Takes all of 2 seconds for my desktop to come up, and I've dropped the thing on concrete from four feet up TWICE and it still works flawlessly (besides a few dings here and there). It runs everything I throw at it fairly flawlessly, but then again I don't game or do anything like that.

Comment: Re:Soft sell... (Score 1) 63

by alexjplant (#45661627) Attached to: Nokia Still Experimenting With Android Smartphone
How is what I said delusional? Windows RT was/is a flop, the world's largest PC gaming platform is moving to Linux, and Windows Phone still has a single-digit market share. Meanwhile Microsoft has been partnering with Xamarin and making contributions to the Linux kernel... admittedly all of these moves have arguably been to futher adoption of their own (semi) proprietary products, but they're still demonstrating some kind of commitment to platforms other than their own. No need for an ad-hominem attack.

Comment: Soft sell... (Score 2) 63

by alexjplant (#45661213) Attached to: Nokia Still Experimenting With Android Smartphone
Seems like it might be part of a soft-sell strategy to Android diehards. Microsoft has been opening up a lot to the FOSS community in the past few years and this makes at least a bit of sense. Modify the OS to have tight integration with relevant MS services while still allowing installation of apps from the Android marketplace... Then make money back on SkyDrive subscriptions or whatever the heck they're trying to push on people now.

Comment: Stay in the 90s, eBay (Score 2) 189

by alexjplant (#45639385) Attached to: eBay CEO: Amazon Drones Are Fantasy
Even if Amazon is just pretending to be relevant in this regard at least they can claim a successful business model. I used to use eBay religiously (even for new goods) until I got Amazon Prime and realized that the subscription fee and price premium for new goods was well worth the lack of hassle with slow shipping, bad listings, and PayPal's godawful dispute resolution. Whenever I think of eBay I think of the Clinton administration.

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