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Comment Re:A more important question is... (Score 1) 209

I don't see how asking for evidence for your claim that "people cosplay hockey" is the NTS fallacy.

Cosplay goes from partial to theatrical production with full makeup. You restricted your side to complete outfits, playing on the fact I randomly mentioned hockey. Other sports, let's say, soccer, use simpler outfits whose fans completely emulate.

But the point you're trying to avoid is this: the delimitation between what is proper adult behavior and what is child behavior is cultural. Sport fans act in every single way exactly like anime, video-game, sci-fi etc. fans, but no one thinks it strange because they're used to seeing it all around. This familiarity is the sole thing that gives any of it the "air" of legitimacy, and that's all there is to it. Objectively, there's no difference except this one, and it's one that's being slowly closed.

Since English Literature has no actual bearing on Pokemon

Actually it does, by means of something that goes beyond it. Pokemon, as almost any work of fiction, including the fairy tales Lewis studied and worked upon (including writing them) and including adult stories, even hard core military fiction, are variations of the same set of narrative elements, that of the monomyth. The teenage boy catching big-eyed cute pseudo-monsters in an all-primary-colors world, or the hardened veteran of a thousand battles watching his companions gruesomely dismembered one by one while struggling to survive in a scenario of nightmares where death is the easy way out and nothing but supreme sacrifices will work, are both the same story. The difference in setting, tone and style are fluff, a matter of taste and preference, and little more.

But you didn't. Instead, you got all defensive.

You asked in an aggressive manner and you got aggressive replies. As for your rephrased and deescalated question, the answer is simple: adults still play Pokemon because for them it's fun to play Pokemon. The same reason anyone does any past time.

Now, would you want a reason for you to play Pokemon? I doubt I'd have any to offer, not even the simple one that you should try it. The reason is that what you wrote make it clear you'd feel so uncomfortable trying a "children's game", so challenged by what others might think if they saw you doing such a thing, that any enjoyment you could discover in the game itself would be overshadowed by that extra layer of negative social expectations, resulting in an almost certain verdict of "it sucks". So, there's no point.

Now, adults who an enjoy "children" things are precisely those who, like Lewis, are able to give the middle finger to that social layer and look at things objectively. For them, the experience of playing for the first time something like a Pokemon game, is one of experiencing that thing, not one of experiencing that thing through the lens and these concepts, those norms, those expectations, these opinions etc. They can allow themselves to enjoy whatever they want enjoy.

Want to have this experience? First thing, learn to not ask yourself anymore whether this or that is something that {list of things you are} "can" enjoy. Managed that? Then I say, go try those games. Then, and only then, you'll be able to say with full knowledge whether it's something worth playing. Note: not "something an adult should be playing", something worth playing.

Comment Re:A more important question is... (Score 1) 209

Sports change with age.

Yes. And once you've grown enough, after decades of effort at adulting, you finally reach the ultimate level: a pretty good dominoes player. Not to mention a regular at the local bingo parlor.

Send me multiple links of many people wearing complete...

Yay! Let's play No true Scotsman as the adults we are!

Adults write children's books. That doesn't mean they obsess over them.

And as an adult, I allow myself to obsess over books written by other adults.

You're the second person to quote that to me.

I was the first. As for him not being an arbiter of opinion, actually he is. That isn't an "opinion". That's his expert advice as one of the foremost scholars in the field of English literature.

Now, evidently you may disagree. But then, who am I to prevent someone from being of an opinion mutatis mutandi similar to that of a flat Earth apologist? Have fun within your prejudice-delimited field of "permissible content". In the meantime, we'll continue having fun with literally anything and everything we want.

Comment Re:A more important question is... (Score 1) 209

More specifically, some things you grow out of because you grow into other, more mature, interests.

"Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up." -- C.S. Lewis

Grow up.

Comment Re:A more important question is... (Score 2) 209

And what "other, more mature, interests" do you suggest Pokemon players pursue?

Sports, evidently. Sporting is what adults do. Pokemon video-gaming, bad. Football video-gaming, good. What? Children also play football video-games? Oh, but that's just them wanting to grow up, so it's fine!

Also, cosplaying. True adults don't cosplay. I mean, they don't cosplay Pokemon team's uniforms. Hockey team uniforms, now, those are fine to cosplay.

Also, let's not forget that only children write Pokemon games. Adults never do that. And those rare that do, they hate every single minute of their day. They could all be adulting, and instead they're childring. That's just plain evil! They could be cosplaying their sporting team, and by means of that showing all their grown up adulting, but no, they're forced to be childring. Oh, how they suffer! I'm sad for them. So, so many sporting stuff they could be doing. Sad. :(

Comment Re: Oh God (Score 1) 268

Bitter much? I see a diatribe coming from your keyboard, but nothing refuting any of the points made.

There's nothing to be refuted proper. This is all based on speculation, in turn based on these and those metaphysical assumptions, in turn based on what certain religious seers said they perceived. It can be right, it can be wrong, it can be neither.

The situation is strictly similar to that famous episode regarding Galileo in which someone, after looking through his telescope and seeing mountains in the Moon, and noticing it went against his belief that the planets were perfect spheres -- a belief sustained upon the best, most well argued for ideas from the best Philosophers of the previous 2000 years and upon the same religious seers --, argued that all the valleys were filled by a perfectly transparent substance that guaranteed the Moon remained a perfect sphere. Galileo quipped that yes, this invisible substance was certainly there, except it was all accumulated on top of the lunar mountains, making them even taller than they seem to be, and therefore the Moon even less spherical than the other guy thought.

Comment Re: Oh God (Score 1) 268

Nice. There's hope then you're one of the pots that will be thrown to the ground and tread upon. What is it you say? That you thought you were one of the glorified ones? My, oh, my, isn't that rich? Having the broken pots believe themselves the ones that'll get into the glory is precisely where all the fun is!

Oh? What? You think that's unfair? Here's some mind rape. Now, now, don't be like that. You're now convinced you deserve eternal torture, don't you? Yes, nod, exactly like that, yes. Good boy! I'll leave now. Please keep screaming as high as you can, okay? The sound is quite pleasant, and we wouldn't want me non-pleased, right? Good, good! That's how I like it!

Now, to fix those saved over there. They seem to be getting some horrified expressions in their faces. Breaking their minds so that they feel joy in watching my Hell and sing non-stop praising my torture of their former loved ones is a full time job. Sigh. Oh, well, no infinite sadistic megalomania is complete without a chorus of non-stop screams and hosannas from billions of voices at full lungs, and some god has to make things work around here...

Comment Re:It works, no questions asked... apk (Score 1) 409

All or nothing across all apps multiplatform.

Then "APK Hosts File Engine 9.0++ SR-2 32/64-bit" isn't flexible enough for my needs. I guess I'll wait until you add the missing automation, granularity and fine tune controls then. Until then I'll keep using uBlock Origin, as it provides me with the features I need.


I like their content, and I like the fact they earn enough from ads to be able to work full time in making this content and providing it.

Comment Re:Yes easily... apk (Score 1) 409

If you right click on the trayicon for the program IF you leave it resident (which doubly protects hosts vs. alteration by malware by the way, over WFP/SFP in Windows since it CAN be bypassed), it has an "enable/disable hosts" functionality, 1 click easy...

When I'm browsing I usually have 60 tabs opened at the same time. Five or so of those tabs are sites I want to see Google Ads in. The other 55 tabs are sites I don't want to see them. Also, among these 55 tabs a few are self-reloading tabs.

From your explanation, I understand that the "enable/disable hosts" button is global. It enables all protection, or it disables all protection. In other words, all the 60 tabs, particularly the self-reloading ones, will become unprotected and begin loading all scripts and all ads from all ad networks after as I press the "disable hosts" button. And all 60 tabs, including those I want to see Google Ads in, will become 100% protected and not load any ad at all after I press the "enable hosts" button. Is this interpretation of mine correct?

If I interpreted it correctly, this is not what I want.

I want to be able to disable the protection against Google Ads only in those 5 specific tabs. At the same time, I want Google Ads to be fully and completely blocked in all the other 55 tabs, including those tabs that self-reload every few seconds. Also, want all other ad networks and tracking scripts blocked in all 60 tabs. And I don't want to be obliged to remember to press a button in a tray icon to enable and disable ads at will, I want this process automated.

Can "APK Hosts File Engine 9.0++ SR-2 32/64-bit" provide this level of granularity, finely tunned controls, and automation, so that I can set it and forget it, having only those 5 tabs loading Google Ads while no other tab load Google Ads at all?

Why WOULD you WANT TO man?

Because there are a few sites that I like a lot that earn their living that way. That's how I pay for them.

Comment Re:I merely state facts nobody can disprove (Score 1) 409

* ANSWER ="NO" to each above on ab+ doing it as well or @ ALL + hosts = already on every device natively.

All you said is true. However, I WANT Google Ads shown in three specific sites AND blocked in all other sites. Does "APK Hosts File Engine 9.0++ SR-2 32/64-bit" allow me to do this?

If I cannot unblock Google Ads in those three sites AND blocked in all others, if my only options with "APK Hosts File Engine 9.0++ SR-2 32/64-bit" is to block Google Ads in all sites or not block them in any site, then I won't be able to use it, no matter how good "APK Hosts File Engine 9.0++ SR-2 32/64-bit" is in everything else.

So, can "APK Hosts File Engine 9.0++ SR-2 32/64-bit" do what I need it to do? Is it flexible enough to do what I need it to do?

Comment Re:Ublock = inferior & inefficient vs. hosts (Score 1) 409

The worst is, his hosts tool is actually useful for those cases in which one does indeed want to locally block stuff outright while consuming minimum system resources. Too bad APK doesn't get that different people have different needs and there's no such thing as "one size fits all".

Comment Re:Ublock = inferior & inefficient vs. hosts (Score 1) 409

Does the hosts file allow me to very finely grainedly tune which servers are allowed or denied contact depending on the server I'm contacting that requested the contents?

Does it allow me to unblock ads on specific sites in which I [i]want[/i] ads to appear?

Does it allow me to block a specific visual area of a specific webpage only, and nothing else?

Does it allow me to block contents from a specific directory within a server, but not from other directories?

Does it allow me to completely unblock a server when I access it directly, but block it when I access it indirectly from other sources?

Does it allow me to make changes on the fly, without the need to manually refresh the OS's and/or browser's DNS cache?

Does it allow me to intercept the contents of specific servers and rewrite the HTML contents on the fly according automated rules I myself define?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "no", then your solution doesn't attend my needs, while uBlock Origin does.

Comment Re:UNAMERICAN (Score 1) 216

Collectively, immigrants -both legal and illegal- send tens of billions of dollars back to their respective countries every year, removing that currency from US markets.

Exporting newly printed dollars and such has been one of the means by which the USA has dominated the world over. It's what allows cheap products and services to reach the USA, allowing its standards of living to be so high.

Those countries need oil. Oil is sold in US dollars. Those countries need dollars. How they get dollars? Sending products and services in exchange of electronic bits. The US gets the goods, the world gets the inflation.

Therefore, immigrants sending dollars out of the USA does nothing of actually bad for the US economy. Rather, it's damaging for everyone else.

Now, China is currently thinking of sending a few hundred billions, perhaps a few trillions, of US dollars back to the USA. When that happens I don't think you'll like the results...

Comment Re: not shock (Score 1) 182

Let's allow your absolutist stance to end civilization as we know it.

"Mine" is a stretch. Explaining how a theory works doesn't mean subscribing to it. The mark of intellectual freedom is the ability to hold and talk about ideas one disagrees with without outright jumping into criticism.

Anyway, libertarians did deal with your reduction ad absurdim. And they actually agree with it, not considering it absurdum at all.

For them, negative liberty, that is, the freedom to say "no" about one's property and be 100% respected in this wish, is indeed absolute and comes before any other consideration. They reject utilitarian arguments like yours on the basis that every time you allow a positive liberty, that is, the liberty for a 3rd party to say "yes" over your property and ignore your "no", the finite pool of freedom is diminished, leading eventually to freedom's demise.

Therefore, for them a civilization is only truly worth it if it's built upon a "freedom-from-coercion first" principle. As for those civilization that don't, libertarians wouldn't mind them ending, provided that happens by means of a progressive increase in freedom, not a loss of it.

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