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Comment: Re:He lies in his work too (Score 1) 124 124

He edited a leaked video, which the US Government had claimed did not exist.

Could you expand on that? Did they actually say it didn't exist, or that you can't have it? Or did they say something else entirely? What is the basis for claiming they lied?

Comment: Re:So many reasons (Score 1) 257 257

Here is an idea that MIGHT work... battery rental programs like car rentals.

The battery bays in cars would have to be very accessible. You drive to your local battery rental place and they take out YOUR batteries and give you a rental set. Then you drive from battery exchange location to battery exchange location on your trip. At each place they pull THEIR discharged battery out and put in another of their charged batteries in. For this to be practical they'd have to partner with a lot of gas stations... there would have to be a battery type standard... and there would have to be a lot of checks to make sure people weren't taking a good battery and then giving back a box full of sand or something.

Comment: So many reasons (Score 1) 257 257

Electrics are only good for commuting. If I go on a long distance drive then I want to be able to stop for 5 minutes to get gas and keep going. With an electric... even if the charging stations are everywhere you're talking about stopping every 200 to 300 miles to charge for six hours.

So what is the idea? Have two cars? Or a hybrid that is expensive because it has a piston engine, an electric motor, a battery, and a gas tank?

The only two situations where I see electric cars working is in a two parent household where one of the two owns an electric and the other has a gas car. Then when they go on trips they take the gas car while the electric is purely for commuting. Alternatively if you're rich you could just buy two cars even though you only need one.

To make electric work I think we either need to get that nano capacitor idea working so that cars can charge in a couple minutes rather than hours OR we need a battery exchange system.

I don't see battery exchanges happening... ever. Which means we're going to have gas cars be the primary work horse until we get capacitors with energy densities similar to batteries.

Comment: Re:There should be a wavier on birth (Score 0) 100 100

typo... I meant to say they non-profits cost the same as the for profits.

If the cost inflation were simply going to greedy insurance companies that were spending the proceeds on hookers and cocaine then you'd see big differences in insurance rates between the companies. Instead, they're very consistent... profit... non-profit... they all cost about the same.

Your theory would mean they could charge less and just choose to charge more. Any for profit insurance company could gain market share in that environment by offering cheaper rates. And non-profits don't have a profit motive. So you should see variability. And yet you don't.

That is because the costs are as low as they can be already.

What drives the costs up is not the insurance but the hospitals and the government.

Don't believe me? Pay the hospital without insurance. Look at what they want to charge you.

No insurance company involved. Just you and the hospital.

My mother had an operation that cost something like 40k the other year. It wasn't the insurance company that made the operation cost 40k. That was the hospital's rate. Period.

What the insurance company did pay for everything after my mother's deductible which is pretty low because she's getting on in years and sees the doctors for lots of things. So it makes sense for her to have a lower deductible. I think her insurance covers her for up to a million a year or something.

Her insurance is not cheap. But it costs what it costs because she is a high risk to use the insurance and the cost at the hospitals is very high. Add 1 to 2 and you get 3.

Comment: Re:There should be a wavier on birth (Score 0) 100 100

You realize there are non-profit insurance companies right... and they don't cost the same as the for profit ones.

You're so brainwashed its funny.

A fair number of the blue cross/blue shield providers are non-profit.

They cost the same though.

You've been lied to by your political masters, spud.

Wise up.

As to other insurance companies being inflated in cost... compare the trend line of cost increases with other types of insurance. There's no comparison.

You've sadly bought a conspiracy theory about as stupid as the 9/11 being a US government plot... you've been suckered.

Comment: Re:And you haven't GIVEN your address. (Score 1) 249 249

I haven't been angry on the internet since 2002, chump. ;)

A friend of mine f'ed me over and I was upset for about a week about that... I don't remember when I was mad before that... it doesn't happen often and no shitstain like yourself could possibly make me mad.

Anger is a response to fear and fear requires some sense of danger or threat from you that actually threatens me. ... you can't do anything to me... so I can't feel threatened by you. And as I can't be threatened... I don't feel angry.

I'm always amused by you little numskulls thinking you can gain rhetorical advantage by claiming you got someone else mad without understanding what that would even mean.

The reason getting someone mad is a rhetorical win for you is because you scared someone or caused them to lose control.

You can't honestly believe you scare me can you? And as to a loss of control... I suppose you're suggesting that I would only use profanity to insult someone if I were out of control? 'fraid not, stupid. I'm that way when I wake up in the morning and I'm that way when I go to bed. That's my default position and anyone that's been in a discussion with me as long as you have should have realized that by now.

You are stupid... so... I guess that's why you weren't able to connect those dots.

FYI... do connect the dots... it makes the a picture of a ducky. :)

Comment: Re:Pao Wants "Safe Spaces" for Shills and Ideologu (Score 1) 332 332

As I'm literate I can bang out a response very quickly. More to the point though, you were utterly and manifestly refuted. The fact that you can't bring yourself to even look at the wreckage of your own credibility only validates my sense of superiority.

FYI... don't look... its terminal. ;)

Comment: Re:That is not necessarily true (Score 1) 259 259

I cited many examples of people talking about poll inaccuracy. And really the entire issue is common knowledge. I'm not going to debate whether or not the Sun is hot with you. I've already cited more than I needed to cite.

As to opinion polls, actually the topic is about Pew Opinion poll. Kill yourself. No really. Put down the keyboard. Get up. And stop wasting oxygen.

I'll continue answering questions for posterity but we should assume that the poster has done the honorable thing and committed suicide.

As to ignorance regarding poll participation... You really did zero research in your short life didn't you?


What you can see there is that according to Pew... the same organization that did this poll that created this topic says... is that the response rate in 2012 was NINE PERCENT of people contacted. And from the previous years we can see a clear trend line DOWN.

Now when only 9 percent even respond to the call and that 9 percent is not randomly selected but in fact SELF selects that could very easily bias the results.

If someone has an opinion but doesn't want to talk to you for some reason then you won't record their opinion.

The world is better place now that you're gone. There is one less moron. :D

Comment: Re:There should be a wavier on birth (Score -1, Troll) 100 100

"Some crazy how" is an expression... Welcome to the 21st century. We're called humans. Where are you from? ... I said "then you'll love public healthcare"... you criticize my grammar then out yourself as illiterate? Well played.

*golf clap"

As to insurance companies... wrong. If that were so then car insurance and home insurance etc would be sky high expensive.

why is uniquely health insurance so expensive?

And note, the profit margin of health insurance companies is not that great.

Of all the organizations that are responsible for the high cost of medical case, health insurance companies are the least to blame.

If anything they're keeping costs down.

What keeps costs down in a capitalist system is competitive pricing.

When was the last time you saw the prices of hospitals compared between each other? When was the last time you saw them even list prices?

The two big culprits are actually the hospitals and the regulations under which the hospitals operate.

This is why private practices are often cheaper and it is much cheaper to see a general practitioner in his own office not located on the hospital grounds than it is to see even an urgent care doctor inside the hospital.

You blame the health insurance companies for the high prices. Explain to me please how they conspire to inflate costs when somehow their profits are so low? Where is the money going if THEY are keeping it?

As to where you said the current system is free market... or the previous system was free market... you literally said it immediately before challenging me to quote you:

"Bought by insurance companies, that bastion of capitalism."

How are you so fucking stupid that you can contradict yourself just one sentence apart? You're fucking astounding.

As to you still using your brain... as the previous example shows... No you're not.

Comment: Re:France (Score 1) 124 124

Oh, I get it! Saying something untrue which someone else learns of ...

So you are in effect saying that Assange didn't deliberately plant the story? Maybe you should revisit the question of, "do you get it".

C'mon! I expect much better propaganda than this for my tax dollars!

I post my own opinions in my spare time. If you want someone from the government here, or government funding for someone, write your Congressman. It will help if you aren't an ass about it (like that comment).

Comment: Re:There should be a wavier on birth (Score -1, Offtopic) 100 100

*golf clap*

Way to some crazy how insert your fucking politics on healthcare into another situation that doesn't merit it.

As to why people don't fix pot holes etc... because the government has no incentive to do it. Which actually begs the question of why you think a system that doesn't care about pot holes is going to care about that throbbing brain tumor you're got growing between your ears. :D

Seriously... How is the government doing running public education? Impressed?

Have you seen how the government runs the VA hospitals? Impressed?

Then you'll love public healthcare!

How someone can be so fucking stupid and yet get through life not having that tattooed on their foreheads to warn anyone that looks at them... is one of the many actual flaws of this society.

Here's the reality chump, the problems with the cost of healthcare in the US are largely due to government regulation. Look at the top three floors of most hospitals and you'll see they're full of office space with people doing paper work. All of that has to be billed to patients and insurance companies or even the government. And that doesn't even account for the cost inflation of drugs. Why are drugs pretty much anywhere on planet earth cheaper than in the US even though we invented a good many of them here? Regulations.

That people like you consider the previous or current healthcare system to be a free market system is indefensible. It is nothing of the kind. Everything is highly regulated and quite a few of them cause run away cost inflation or remove any ability to control costs.

Do you see hospitals bidding against each other? Competitive pricing? The only people I see actually offering something akin to free market healthcare are the cosmetic surgery people. But if you don't want breast implants or hair plugs... then apparently you have to deal with some sort of quasi socialized healthcare dystopia... and anyone that doesn't like that... like me or anyone else that is paying attention... we can of course go fuck ourselves because people like you give us no fucking choice. Thanks for that.

Where is my right choose what is done to my body which would include any aspect of healthcare? Apparently everyone else gets to choose but me.

On and on. And then when you're upset with the cost of healthcare... your fucking solution is what? MORE REGULATIONS!!!

You baffle me, sir... why is your brain not floating in a jar of formaldehyde? You are a fucking marvel.

Comment: Re:And you haven't GIVEN your address. (Score 1) 249 249

And? You wanted an address and a name. Do what you wanted to do... first, I suggest you start calling them at all hours to send harassing phone calls.

Then you might try ordering some pizzas to their address.

And possibly you can send them menacing pictures of the outside of the building showing them that you're there and WATCHING.

And then when you've gotten tired with that, you can file a false police report about someone shooting someone else on the premises to get a SWAT team to raid the facility.

And of course... I'm a coward if I don't make it easy for you to do that to me?

You're a fucking idiot.

You call me a coward for not letting you SWAT me? I'm not a coward. I'm just not stupid... unlike you.

And your presumption that I'm some how a coward because I won't doxx myself? Who do you think you're fooling with that you pathetic waste oxygen?

You asked for an address and a name. I suggest you troll away. The name by the way is the name of retired police chief. You can go after him too if you want. :D

What a fucking retard. :-D


I'm a old forum warrior, shithead. You're nothing I haven't seen before. I grind the bones of little morons like you and sprinkle them on my toast.

There is nothing you can say that will offend me. There is nothing you can that will get to me.
And there is no ploy your feeble intelligence could come up with that I haven't seen a million times years ago.

You're nothing. And the funniest thing you've done is post as AC... which is Anonymous Coward... and call ME the coward even then I actually log in.

I have an excellent karma rating by the way. What's yours? Zero? Hmmm... yet another way I'm better than you.

Suck it long and suck it hard... the prize is well worth the effort... I promise.

By working faithfully eight hours a day, you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve. -- Robert Frost