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Comment Re:Will Edge be ported to Windows 7? (Score 1) 198 198

I fricking HATED Windows 8/8.1 with a fiery passion but I hate to say it but...it WAS better than 10, why? Have you LOOKED at the fricking EULA for Windows 10? The datamining is fricking insane, it makes Google look like fricking privacy lovers by comparison!

I knew when they said it was "free" there would have to be a catch, but I figured it'd be another ham handed attempt to push Windows other products but daaayyum, if you don't spend the first hour removing apps and turning shit off you might as well just send all your data straight to fricking MSFT!

Submission + - WikiLeaks Party deregistered in Australia->

An anonymous reader writes: ZDNet reports, "The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has deregistered the WikiLeaks Party, citing a lack of party numbers to sustain an active political party. The deregistration, announced on Thursday, was made under Section 137 of the Commonwealth Electorate Act 1918. ... The current electoral system makes it extremely difficult for smaller political parties to exist, and will only get worse if the overhaul of the political system happens in the near future," the WikiLeaks Party said in a statement on Friday to ZDNet. "While as last count, we have over the minimal requirement of 500-plus members, the AEC only checks a small sample of this before it decides to put for deregistration using old-style phone landline technology many of our young members have long since stopped using."
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Comment Re:Will Edge be ported to Windows 7? (Score 1) 198 198

What! Windows 10 isn't sophisticated enough to figure out if it is running on a tablet?

It's smart enough that when I detach my keyboard from my Surface it switches to tablet mode. But it's not smart enough to know whether I want to be using keyboard and mouse or I want to be touching the screen. It used to be far more aggressive but that annoyed users when it tried to be 'smart' and switched when people didn't want it to.

Comment Re:Is it still integrated with the shell? (Score 1) 198 198

You're correct that they could theoretically do anything they want, however when Edge was first released to Insiders you couldn't access LocalHost files (aka .html files on your desktop or a local Apache server). The Public APIs have a checkbox for "local host" so I took that to mean that they were working from the public developer defaults in their compiler options.

Also since Edge is intended to run on all universal windows platforms I assume they're going to avoid API hooks which might not be available (like shell access or COM which might not be available on Windows Mobile). Adding hooks back into Win32 means they have to have those same hooks available to Hololens etc.

Comment Re:Will Edge be ported to Windows 7? (Score 1) 198 198

So you agree that Microsoft does not have the technical ability to develop the Edge browser to run on Windows 7.

No. I very clearly stated that they technically can but they evidently chose not to write their new application for a product that has reached END OF LIFE and whose successor is FREE. That's a perfectly sane decision. "hey bob should we backport our new free product to people who refuse to accept our free upgrade?" "Fuck no!" "Yeah I didn't think we should either just checking."

It's as easy to backport Edge as it is to port Chrome from Linux to OSX. You don't see Apple releasing Safari for OS 9. Safari no longer works on OS 9 because supporting an OS which has been End of Life'ed is ridiculous.

Comment Re:I wish I could buy GMO seeds (Score 1) 194 194

All ideologies are basically religions. Its a core fallacy of the atheist movement in that they think they're going to escape dogmatism, be rational, and form opinions on the basis of science and logic.

I mean... they "could" do that... but they won't... because people generally don't work that way.

I'm not a religious person myself... but I do have my ideologies and my philosophies. Everyone does.

The struggle should not be in trying to supplant one ideology with another but rather in teaching people to express themselves in ways that make some sense across ideologies.

rhetoric is not being properly taught and neither is critical thinking.

Bring the debate clubs back and maybe we can get people that know how to exchange conflicting ideas without calling each other names.

Comment Re:I wish I could buy GMO seeds (Score 1) 194 194

I've dealt with those blackberry bushes and they are annoying to cut back. If you're actually managing your property at all they're hardly going to grow faster than you can go out there and show them what for.

My uncle has quite a bit of property next to a national park which is to say there is a great deal of invasive vegetation that encroaches on his property. He has a backhoe that he uses to police the boundaries of this property.

Anyway, I like the blackberries... Their thorns don't scare me...

Comment Re:I wish I could buy GMO seeds (Score 2) 194 194

The meta protests don't make any sense and are counter productive. They should protest what they're really upset about rather than annoying me with shit that doesn't matter or that is actually good.

What you're basically said here is that the modern environmental movement is run by sophists... aka disingenuous manipulators.

That isn't a new thing. We've had sophists in various fields since always.

If the environmental movement wants to retain its credibility it should note that if it doesn't stop it... they're going to run into the stoics eventually.

And stoics vs sophists plays out the same way every time.


Comment Re:Will Edge be ported to Windows 7? (Score 1) 198 198

Microsoft Developed the Browser using WinRT which doesn't exist in Windows 7. Both Mozilla and Google had to rewrite their browsers to support Android and iOS. That didn't just magically happen they had to devote a lot of resources to using the Android and iOS APIs. This is no different. Microsoft is moving away from Win32. Win32 had a good 20+ year run but WinRT should eventually displace it. If they didn't write Edge for WinRT developers would cry foul and say "If WinRT isn't good enough for you why should we adopt WinRT?!" Edge is a Universal Windows Application so that means it runs on: Windows Desktop, Windows Mobile, Xbox One (this fall), Hololens and Windows IOT. In other words they did write it so that it could be easily portable... among windows 10 devices.

Comment Re:Will Edge be ported to Windows 7? (Score 1) 198 198

Probably won't be. It's written currently for WinRT which obviously Windows 7 doesn't support and the reason Microsoft is giving you a *free* upgrade to Windows 10. So it would be a pretty radically different web browser, comparable to writing Safari for iOS vs OSX.

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