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Comment Heaven's Gate 2k15 (Score 1) 316

This isn't a corporation it's a cult.

What does it mean, really, for all employees to bring their full creativity to work? They're a SHOE SELLING WEBSITE. Unless Hsieh has figured out a way integrate basket weaving into tech, sales, marketing or leadership he doesn't really need/want "full creativity" and he's just leading everyone down Jim Jones way. He's a true 21st century shaman priest because he can't deal with his success so he thinks he's superman and he has to impose his vision of a utopian future upon the rest of the world to make it better because he's "superman". (Just like every other megalomaniac the world has seen like Hitler (there I've invoked Godwin), Alexander the Great or Khan (Genghis, not Noonian...)

It's BS.

I've worked the gauntlet of companies from startups to radically successful small companies to stifling mega-corps (Why yes, your team of 4 built a fully working system in 6 months but we need to hire mega-contractors for 5 million to rewrite it all because then it'll be "legit"). I'm now working for a company that's trying to go Agile because even though they were wildly successful with traditional methods Agile was gonna solve their weaknesses. Well guess what, they've STILL got the same weaknesses (it's hard to estimate dev time for wholly new systems, political blockers, fuzzy requirements, fuzzy design) but now development is faltering because everyone's spending more time trying to make sure all the agile paperwork is up to date rather than putting all their effort into the products themselves!

That's not to say Agile is worthless but my point is that a process is only as good as the people implementing it. Not the other way around. So what does that make our company? Orange? Teal? Green? Plaid? (Can't... do...plaid!).

Producing products (those evil evil materialists) requires a unified goal. Unified goals do not come out of self-discovery. They come out of one man or a small team with a unified vision. People can then choose to work towards that unified vision or not but the end result is the same - the effort and energy output is ONE way towards the team and up the chain of command (or to the people driving the vision). You want happy people Hsieh? Pay them well, simplify their workload and give them dependability that their job will be there so they can have the comfort and psychological energy to discover life themselves as they want it. Not as you want to impose it you tinpot dictator with delusions of godhood.

Comment Oh good, more contention. (Score 5, Interesting) 170

The 2.4 Ghz spectrum was opened up for general use because it has relatively poor long distance characteristics thanks to it being absorbed strongly by water. This lead to an explosion of use in the band where your average apartment building has dozens of devices competing for the spectrum. And now cell companies are coming full circle and stomping all over it themselves. Maybe the government could take the hint that maybe another ISM band or two would be highly welcome. Maybe they could skip selling off spectrum for billions of dollars to enormous companies and instead open it up the way they did the 2.4 Ghz band? Spectrum seems a bit over regulated at the moment, there's barely any room for entities that aren't massive corporations with billions of dollars to do anything.

Over regulation is stifling innovation.

Comment Re: GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 570

Maybe if you had bottled water, you'd drink it instead of coke and other nasty things.
Despite popular belief, tap water, even with a Britta, is nothing like bottled water which is actually nice to drink.


Speaking of bullshit:

How does it feel to be sitting at that table, Chas?

Comment Re: GOOD GRIEF! (Score 2) 570

And those companies pay about the same amount per megalitre of water as you do per bottle!

Yep. Is there a single reason why soda companies would WANT people to keep on drinking soda? Soda has water+ingredients. Ingredients cost money.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's really the soda companies paying for all the 'Sugar is poison!' stories.

What this country needs is a dime that will buy a good five-cent bagel.