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Comment: Only 3G? (Score 1) 88

Is it common to make new chips that only support 3G now? Being HSPA+ also means they won't work for Verizon/Sprint or anyone else who zagged when the world zigged. I'm guessing those are intended for light use appliances? E-Readers level of downloading maybe? It just feels weird that they wouldn't squeeze in the LTE modem while they're at it. I guess maybe Intel built these to budget and simply ran out of silicon? Are they going to be like the early generation GMA adapters that were just total crap and were only there because Intel had a little extra silicon available on each chip?

Comment: Re:Best idea is not to hide. (Score 1) 219

The problem is that zombies either bite and infect or bite and kill/eat. From watching the various movies and TV shows, the bite and infect starts for the first few generations of the disease but turns to bite and kill once there's a sufficient number of infected. Thus the number of people that are infected are lower and the number of people that are infected and mobile (still have legs/arms) is probably lower still. The WWZ movie makes the infection almost instantaneous which allows you to boost the number of bite and infect, but almost nobody else (even the book) shows the disease infecting that quickly.

Comment: Hes dead, Jim. (Score 2) 407

by TiggertheMad (#49149653) Attached to: Leonard Nimoy Dies At 83

I loved his acting as much as anyone, but I disagree that it was necessarily a sad day. He was, after all, 83 years old. He beat the average life expectancy in this country by a wide margin. He made an impact on a huge number of people, as well. He was ready to check out and move on. Really, what could you reasonably expect an 83 year old man to do beyond this point anyways? I'm happy for him and all he's done.

....So, to summarize, he lived long and prospered?

Comment: Re:Two options (Score 1) 459

by jandrese (#49147085) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Old PC File Transfer Problem
I'd be a little wary of USB/Serial adapaters. I've found a lot of them are really only designed to let you console into a Cisco or something. Start blasting them with Zmodem and they have an obnoxious tendency to lock up or even bluescreen your machine (even a Windows 7 machine). A better solution would be to find a medium-old desktop with a real Serial port on it an use a Null Modem cable there.

PCMCIA Ethernet would be by far the best solution (although good luck on the drivers) if you can find someone who has a dusty old card sitting around on a shelf somewhere, preferably with the still hopefully good driver floppy. Look for cards that don't have the bumps on the top of the connector.

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