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Comment: Re:Perl still works, and PHP is fine (Score 2) 536

PHP is relatively modern, robust

No it isn't

Thanks for your valuable contribution.

Judging by the fact that most of Facebook is based on PHP, it sounds to me like it's pretty robust... It's also object oriented. The only drawback that I would find as a code-geek is weak typing, but that's a personal opinion, not a lacking feature.

Comment: Re:These days I think it's safe to assume (Score 1) 57

Unfortunately, we're increasingly discovering that the European intelligence agencies are pretty strongly in bed with the US surveillance state, too. It's not 100% clear if the situation is quite as bad, but there is substantial evidence that the German, French, Danish, Swedish, etc. intelligence services are routinely helping each other out. There's some suspicion that they're even doing some jurisdiction-laundering through these arrangements: the NSA can spy on Germans because they're foreigners, and then shares data with German intelligence that German intelligence wouldn't be able to legally collect on their own citizens. And vice versa, e.g. Swedish intelligence has apparently been spying on Americans and sharing the info back with American intelligence.

I would say that they are all doing it, and that the NSA probably isn't the best at it (Israel and Russia are great at it, France-Germany-UK are good at it, China does it in the open...). The only difference between the NSA and intelligence agencies elsewhere is discretion. And Snowden, of course. That was discretion 101: what not to do.

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