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Comment Re:This is in the UK (Score 4, Insightful) 175

"Hello, My name is David Cameron, MP, and I'm the Prime Minister of the UK. Today I would like to put forward a bill to ban all forms of mathematical science and studies, because they are an essential building block of encryption, and that fuels unacceptable behaviours that we can't snoop on. Pretty Please."

Comment Re:"not tolerated," but they allowed it (Score 1) 43

No, the fact that it was available to him doesn't mean he had the right to take it home. He probably needed to access it to do his day's work. He knew he wasn't allowed to take it home and still did it, so he's getting sued. Sounds reasonable.

It's a hard pushed analogy, but butchers need knives to do their day's work, that doesn't mean they're allowed to use them to stab their colleagues. They know that, and if they do it, they get prosecuted for it.

Comment Re:How about if we OWN our personal information? (Score 2) 79

In essence, yes. If one of their citizens wants to use their right to be forgotten, then the French government want that to be worldwide. But then imagine a Russian official trying to hide a controversial article about himself.

It's the same kind of debate when the US want Apple to backdoor iChat for wiretaps. If you can coerce them into doing it, then so can a less democratic countries where Apple have business...

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