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Comment Re:"Credible" Bomb Threat Closes (Score 1) 241

The title is grammatically correct.

Only by the warped grammar of 20th century newspaper headlines. An "and" would have been more appropriate, and if you're jammed up for space, and ampersand replacing the comma would have less confusing. But I sometimes think we now live in a world where confusing headlines are acceptable because everyone finds the reality of the news confusing.

Please don't publicise your limited grammatical capacity to others who can, do understand elaborate headlines.

Comment Re:A typo my ass... (Score 1) 339

They tried to pull a fast one...

OTOH - mistakes do happen. Negotiating a treaty between 100s of nations is not something where you can play silly games with words. Children do that; governments have to go back to their parliaments, congresses or maybe even populations where it will be scrutinised in great detail. A small, unfortunate wording would have been very embarrassing, of course, but nothing more than that.

You're right, and sometimes they stick around for a long time. I seem to remember a story about UN resolution 242 (1967) where the translators made a mistake (deliberate or not) over whether Israel should withdraw from "occupied territories" or "the occupied territories". The latter would have meant all of them, and was the intent of the version negotiated in French. But Isreal stuck to the former and moved out of a small portion of them.

Comment Re:I Can't Figure Out (Score 2) 287

£4m is absolutely *nothing* compared to other wastes. Homeopaths are not covered by National Insurance, you have to go with private medical to get them covered. We're only talking about pills prescribed by registered GPs... and if they are only little sugar pills, they're a cheap placebo!

Comment Re:What about a Faraday cage (Score 3, Interesting) 138

Whistleblowers shouldn't necessarily be fired, assuming they notified their employers first who didn't didn't act upon the information. In fact in some instances they should probably be rewarded for pointing out things that may put employees or the public in harm's way. My cousin once pointed out during a food-processing factory visit that non-nut products were crossing the way of nut products but that the allergen information didn't reflect that. She didn't get fired, she got a bonus for it.

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