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by alex67500 (#46523775) Attached to: Google and Viacom Finally Settle YouTube Lawsuit

You've got this the wrong way around. Mega's business case was to host *copyrighted material* available for people to view whilst making money off subscriptions and ads. Youtube's business case is to host *legal content* and monetise it (whilst providing its ad agency with information about you to better target ads, but that's beside the point). They may not be as fast as they should be to remove infringing content, but they do, and in good faith.

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It was studied for a while at my work but abandonned because in French law it would possibly pass as creating and using a fake identity, which are both punishable by law.

Also, I'm pretty sure the unions would have minded, then there would have been a general strike and... well you know, the usual ;-)

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