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Comment: Re:Avoid submitting Resumes through the Web (Score 1) 479

by alex4747 (#47982269) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Finding a Job After Completing Computer Science Ph.D?

This is a pretty good advice: yes it is a pretty good idea to (re)enter job market as a contractor, yes head-hunters do provide value to both job hunters and employers.

About ph.d. working as software developer:
(a) I meet two and both were hardworking but none of them could be considered a good developer. Over years one became barely ok, another left the industry. I suspect my experience is not unique.
(b) try old tech - Intel, IBM, wall-street - again starting as contractor will ease the entrance.


Comment: hw - sw switch is popular (Score 1) 466

I saw 10s of engineers who made this switch. In some industries (telecom equipment, storage) it is very common. I do not understand the question about language - I suppose you can program in C and it is still bread and butter in many cases.

Try to get contract job first. In the past I had good experience with some guys that now are working for

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