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Comment: Re:Ten comments in and the shills are here (Score 1) 40

by alen (#49183223) Attached to: New Zealand Spied On Nearly Two Dozen Pacific Countries

we did
the NSA had tapped ocean fiber cables in the 1990's, there was even a book about it. and back when long distance calls were transmitted by satellite and microwave, the NSA would suck those out of the air as well. only thing changed in the last 20 years is there is more data and it's almost all on fiber rather than wireless backbones

Comment: Re:What I find unbelievable... (Score 1) 40

by alen (#49183043) Attached to: New Zealand Spied On Nearly Two Dozen Pacific Countries

because no one is tracking you. it's impossible to do it with the amount of people we have. i'm in the USA, but why would anyone in the NSA care if i buy coffee at starbucks or some snobby place or who i text? how would anyone track tens of millions of people daily going about their daily business?

so there is data in the NSA computers that i text a few people every day, and one person who just went to russia i haven't texted her since she left. do you think anyone cares? multiply this by 300 million people in the USA. do you think there are people sitting around doing nothing but reading who texts who?

Comment: the evil central business district (Score 2) 81

by alen (#49112687) Attached to: Ancient and Modern People Followed Same Mathematical Rule To Build Cities

for NYC that means that ten million people commute into the same few square miles and all the subways run through manhattan. it results in daily delays and the need for a car for weekend driving unless you want to spend over an hour riding through manhattan for no reason

and the real estate barons kill any attempt to create smaller business districts outside of manhattan and to build a train route that does not touch manhattan

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