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Comment: it was the gubment (Score 1) 120

by alen (#49606245) Attached to: How Silicon Valley Got That Way -- and Why It Will Continue To Rule

US defense industry was big in california from WW2 through the end of the cold war. Lockheed had lots of smart engineers building stealth aircraft at their Skunkworks there. the US space program was the original buyer for CPU's and all kinds of tech that we use today

after the cold war ended these engineers went to work for private industry

Comment: Re:Amazon has really been a stealth company (Score 1) 83

by alen (#49546411) Attached to: Amazon's Profits Are Floating On a Cloud (Computing)

Except MS still makes a lot of money. Amazon does not. Same with Google, their earnings went up something like 20% year over year.
i got rid of my prime because it's $99. the new kindle subscription service is crappola. best buy and other B&M stores have deals as well where i can stop by after work. sometimes it's nice to take a walk during lunch time
i hardly buy anything from amazon any more

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