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Comment: people still watch that crap? (Score -1, Troll) 78

by alen (#48643529) Attached to: Behind the Scenes With the Star Trek Fan Reboot

TOS was a bunch of LSD lights and kirk visiting stupid copies of earth
TNG a bunch of technobabble and reengineering the ship to solve the problem of the week
DS9 was a bore until the main plot line was introduced and then it was a by the numbers war story
never got into Voyager

Out of the movies only 2 and 6 were watchable although i liked The Search for Spock as well
ST Generations sucked
the borg movie had so much potential and the B&B twins ruined it with a stupid time travel story
Insurrection was hyped to the point it was a let down when i saw it
didn't bother with the romulan movie

i hated the time travel reboot of the Abrams movies, but they were a lot better than what came before them but even then so much story and canon wasted on what could have been awesome romulan/klingon war movies and real exploration and discovery of believable alien worlds

Comment: Re:I'm shocked. (Score 5, Insightful) 191

by alen (#48611195) Attached to: Apple Wins iTunes DRM Case

i'd be surprised if apple didn't win the case. they blocked and non-apple DRM like every other company out there and Real had to hack it. but in the end itunes allowed you to use any hardware you wanted as long as the maker coded to a few of apple's API's. i use my Note 3 with itunes on my macbook. itunes itself has supported non-apple devices for many years as long as the files don't have any DRM.

Comment: when have icrap supported non-apple DRM? (Score 0) 141

by alen (#48535523) Attached to: Apple DRM Lawsuit Might Be Dismissed: Plaintiffs Didn't Own Affected iPods

you could put all the non-drm music you bought or "acquired" you want on them, but anything with DRM was always only itunes music. the same thing was with every other MP3 player of the time with a DRM'd music store. but only apple is left and they have the money

Comment: Re:Apple deleted my songs (Score 0) 250

by alen (#48525887) Attached to: Apple Accused of Deleting Songs From iPods Without Users' Knowledge


i've used itunes since 2003 and have bought music from itunes, amazon and emusic and always used itunes as the master program and it never deleted any non-DRM music.

this was about people trying to sync DRM that some other company reverse engineered onto their ipods that didn't support it. plain MP3's bought from amazon and anywhere else and "acquired" music never had any issues. the amazon downloader will even add your music to itunes automatically. i can even sync my Note 3 with itunes on my macbook

Comment: Re:VMs (Score 1) 143

by alen (#48493967) Attached to: Black Friday '14: E-commerce Pages Far Slower Than They Were in 2013

except you don't need even that much to surf a web site. virtualization is the problem. all the servers are oversubscribed to use every little bit of RAM and CPU so the bean counters can cream their shorts with higher return on asset ratios

i could surf netflix and youtube just fine over the weekend. amazon was as fast as usual. but toys r us and best buy were like watching trees grow and toys r us store inventory checker was broken

Comment: Re:$800k? (Score 1) 329

by alen (#48485529) Attached to: Taxi Medallion Prices Plummet Under Pressure From Uber

most NYC medallions are owned by a few people who lease them out. the largest owner is a russian immigrant who owns around 200 medallions he bought up in the 80's and runs a garage where the serfs pay him to lease cars, he owns a gas station to sell his serfs gasoline, etc.

for the rest they are owned by immigrants who happen to have a lot of cash governments don't know about and it's a nice way to launder that money

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