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Comment: Re: I can't imagine something like that in the U.S (Score 1) 160

by alen (#47399367) Attached to: The AI Boss That Deploys Hong Kong's Subway Engineers

And nimbys

Anytime the NYC subway wants to shut down part of the system for maintenance, everyone complains and runs to their local political boss

Same in Long Island for the lirr. They are building a second track in a large part of the system and people who drive don't want the extra trains because it will make them wait longer at crossings

Comment: kind of like a small town fireworks show? (Score 1) 200

by alen (#47390357) Attached to: The View From Inside A Fireworks Show

one time i was in Augusta, Ga for 4th of July and the river fest and saw the show. you could stand almost under the explosions. not like NYC where you are like 2 miles from the show

same with Shea Stadium, the old Citi Field. you could get closer to the show than watching the official Macy's fireworks

Comment: Re:Can an "atheist company" refuse too? (Score 1) 1330

by alen (#47356991) Attached to: U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Religious Objections To Contraception

because the catholic church is 2000 years old and the one that the hobby lobby owners go to is at least 100 and technically a split off the catholic church

any case using this one as a precedent the test will be if your religion has history going back hundreds or thousands of years and your business has less than half a dozen shareholders and the stock isn't publicly traded

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