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+ - Netflix admits in to slowing their traffic in battle with ISP's->

Submitted by alen
alen writes: The Center for Boundless Innovation in Technology is linking to Netflix's FCC filing where they admit to leaving Akamai for their content distribution and signing up with Level 3 and Cogent. It goes on to say that right after the agreement was finalized, Level 3 and Cogent routed Netflix traffic over their settlement free links with ISP's in order to gain a favorable policy decision by the FCC
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+ - FCC to allow cable companies to encrypt basic cable->

Submitted by
alen writes: "The FCC is now allowing cable companies to encrypt free OTA channels that they also rebroadcast over their networks.

"The days of plugging a TV into the wall and getting cable are coming to an end. After a lengthy review process, the FCC has granted cable operators permission to encrypt their most basic cable programming."

Soon the only way to receive free OTA channels via your cable company will involve renting yet another box or buying something like Boxee"

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+ - Apple's iCloud is powered by amazon and microsoft->

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alen writes: "http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/11/09/03/rumor_apples_icloud_powered_by_microsoft_amazon_servers.html

It has been confirmed that apple's upcoming iCloud service is really hosted by Microsoft Azure and Amazon's AWS. No word on what exactly their role is but tests have shown that when you upload photos to iCloud there is network traffic to and from Azure."

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United States

+ - FBI can now access your cell phone remotely

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alen writes: "http://blogs.abcnews.com/theblotter/2006/12/can_yo u_hear_me.html

I read this on another forum. In their investigation of a Mafia family the FBI was able to access their cell phones remotely and turn them into microphones when their traditional bugging devices were discovered. The only way to defeat this is to take the battery out of your cell phone. Even turning it off doesn't prevent this."

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