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GNU is Not Unix

+ - RMS: 90+ talks per year?-> 1

Submitted by
gnujoshua writes "Entering the final hours of their membership drive, Free Software Foundation campaigns manager, Joshua Gay, makes a personal appeal in hopes of recruiting 50 members to reach their goal of 500 new memberships. Reminiscing about his first six months on the job he talks about the thousands of comments on drafts of the GPLv3, the 25,000+ members trying to eliminate DRM, and about Richard Stallman's work ethic, of which he states, "I witnessed the drive and determination of our president, Richard Stallman, who last year gave over 90 invited talks to over 8,000 unique individuals around the globe. His dedication to the cause of user freedom and free software is tireless and inspirational""
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GNU is Not Unix

+ - FSF Fundraising for Freedom in 2008->

Submitted by
hayalci writes "The Free Software Foundation(FSF) is looking for new members and/or donations, which will boost the FSF's activities in 2008. Protecting your Freedoms since 1985, FSF recently published version 3 of the GNU GPL licence, and continued campaigns against software patents, DRM and closed hardware. These will continue in 2008 with the help from community. Visit appeal page, read about activities and plans of FSF, and join! You can also donate if you do not want to become a member. Membership page has some more details, and the appeal continues until end of January."
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+ - Two standards - more choice, or less?

Submitted by
pieterh writes "There's a fierce argument raging about whether the world needs a single document standard (ISO26300), or two. On the one hand, advocates of Microsoft's 'Office Open XML' (aka OOXML) format say that two standards means more choice for consumers. On the other hand, groups like the FFII argue that two standards for documents is not really about consumer choice, and more about maintaining Microsoft's office monopoly. There has also been harsh criticism of Microsoft's format, a petition that has raised 10,000 signatures in a week, and the promise of a cash prize in the fight against OOXML."

+ - A hole in the earth's crust?

Submitted by Rockin' Green
Rockin' Green (666) writes "There's a hole in the earth's crust, according to this story by the Associated Press (via Yahoo). Normally, the earth's crust is a thick layer of hot lava. But in one spot, three miles below the ocean and 2,000 nautical miles off the Canary Islands, the normal crust is missing — replaced by the dark green rock from the earth's mantle, the layer below the crust. "It is like a window into the interior of the Earth," Bramley Murton, a geophysicist who is taking part in the six-week mission, said. d_expedition;_ylt=Ai0v_8.DZ1WEjHhooLUyhQ_MWM0F"

There's no future in time travel.