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by alasdairgf (#41840399) Attached to: Researchers Crown Buddhist Monk the World's Happiest Man
The psychological research on this is pretty clear (sorry no refs to hand). Below a threshold of income, happiness & material wealth are pretty tightly correlated. Above that threshold, however, the correlation drops rapidly to zero. What that threshold is is open to question - I believe some posit that the threshold is at subsistence level, others maintain its higher, perhaps higher even than median income levels. And of course, Matthieu Ricard, while he is provided with clothing & food, as a monk probably has no income or possessions (other than, traditionally, robes, begging bowls & a few ritual items).

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alasdairgf (1602433) writes "Avi Muchnick, Aviary's CEO today announced in an email to users that they will be abandoning their suite of multimedia Flash apps in favour of focusing on developing for mobile platforms. Support ends with immediate effect, and the tools themselves will be pulled on 15 September 2012. Users are encouraged to download and/or export their work between now and then, as there are no plans to redevelop the tools in HTML5."
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