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Comment: Free face-tracking software for Windows (Score 1) 67

by alasdair (#35726678) Attached to: Tobii Releases Eye-Controlled Mouse For PCs

We do a similar piece of software that tracks your face movement: it's free, and you can get it from http://www.facemouse.co.uk/

Install (Windows only), run, position your head facing ahead at the webcam, and then move the mouse around by turning and raising/lowering your head. There are two versions, one that click automatically when you stop moving your head and one that doesn't (so you can use another dwell program of your choice.)

Comment: Re:Helped their evolution (Score 1) 216

by alasdair (#27075731) Attached to: Reversing Undesirable Fish Evolution

evolution by definition increases the survivability of the species.

That's not correct. Biology is full of species that have evolved to fill particular niches, like the panda or flightless birds on islands. When the niche disappears the species becomes extinct. So evolution is perfectly capable of reducing survivability, depending on the timescale you're measuring and the area you're studying. Generalists survive, then specialise into the new, vacant niches in their local environment.

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