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Comment Re:What's up with the system logging me out at ran (Score 1) 1838

I have also noticed strange session problems since a few months.
Sometimes you think you are logged in, but you are not. And you can't log in again, no matter what.
Right now I can't log in from work, and I'm afraid of logging out from my home computer, because I won't be able to log in again.

Comment Re:net6501 (Score 5, Interesting) 247

Overall I've had a positive experience with Soekris devices. However, let me tell you why I won't be buying any more of them:

1. Cases badly designed for cooling. Unless you add a fan, you will have to put the case vertically in summer.

2. Disregard for OS support/integration. These things are supposed to work on Linux and BSD, but when something goes wrong (ie: the device hangs) or the hardware doesn't work as well as it should, they just blame the OS and don't even investigate. They might offer an RMA if its under warranty, but the issues will continue for sure.

3. As soon as their latest device comes out, support for the older ones stops. For example, they promised to add USB boot support for the net5501, but as soon as the net6501 came out, they just forgot about it.

Other minor ones: closed BIOS and the price is not great.

Comment Re:Universal (Score 1) 289

Closed services like viper, line, msn, whatsapp, icq, skype will come and go at the whim of the companies that own them, but XMPP's open and distributed nature means it will only disappear when people like you and me lose interest.

Instead of giving up on it, you should spread the word and convince your family and friends to use it. A few of my friends have registered in public XMPP servers, there are several from which to choose:

PS. Google's motto needs some updating: Don't be evil, unless you might benefit from it.

Comment Re:Or they could, you know, abandon Communism (Score 1) 108

Here is a recent interview of him in December.
Not the sharpest guy in the world, but still far from a stroke:

Same guy, one month later in the Assembly:

Its far fetched to think that he had a stroke in that period of time, and then decided to make a fool of himself and his party in the Assembly instead of being in the hospital or at home recovering.

Comment Re:First world problems... (Score 1) 227

Any throttling or data cap should be clearly specified.

How much "unlimited" data can you transfer if the speed is capped to, say 50 KB/s? For sure you could still browse most websites with this kind of plan, but this is not what you signed up for.

50 KB/s sounds ridiculous? How about 100 KB/s? What is an acceptable limit? The answer is: any, as long as it is clearly stipulated in the contract.

Comment Re:However... (Score 1) 145

My feelings exactly.

I love Perl for its power. I love CPAN, POD, etc. It is my swiss army tool for everything between quick one-liners and programs with complex data structures.

The current Perl 5 interpreter is fast and efficient. And I never felt the language itself was missing anything important (although using it for OO is a bit awkward).

The only thing they should fix in Perl is support for unicode filenames in Windows platforms.

Comment Re:I just bought an Apple Watch for my girlfriend (Score 2) 82

The gift that says "I love you".

I was initially looking at Fitbits and Android based devices, but these are ugly and not special. They just mean nothing.

For this Christmas, I recommend "Apple Watch", if you care about someone special.

Good idea! That way she gets to see your message every day when she charges it. Or even more often, if she actually uses it.

Until the new version comes out in a few months, and you'll bend over and fork $500 more to buy it, and hers ends up in a landfill in a third world country.

Comment Re:Enjoy the drama, folks (Score 1) 104

(btw, I don't believe any military uprising would be necessary to oust Chavez. If he loses the presidential election, he will leave.)

Well, yes, ever since he died from cancer, he doesn't care so much about staying in office...

Oh I just realized that you were talking about Maduro, not Chavez.

It is an understandable mistake, since they often speak through birds.

Comment Re:Enjoy the drama, folks (Score 1) 104

[...]Maduro doesn't have control of the military. [...]

(btw, I don't believe any military uprising would be necessary to oust Chavez. If he loses the presidential election, he will leave.)

Well, yes, ever since he died from cancer, he doesn't care so much about staying in office...

Comment Re:Not about the law (Score 1) 104

Venezuelan oil production is doing ok. Not great, but ok. What you're saying is more propaganda than truth. The current selling price is a much worse problem than the amount of production.

Venezuela should be producing 3.5 million barrels daily according to their own projections, yet they struggle to produce even half.

The root reason being Chavez' firing of all managers of PDVSA (the oil company) in a national broadcast in 2012, tooting a whistle and pulling out red cards, like a football referee; and the subsequent firing of most employees. This was his short sighted reaction to their joining of a national strike that lasted a month, aimed at pressuring him into leaving office.

These people took years of training and experience to middle eastern countries, making them rich. The new PDVSA only hires people loyal to the government, everything else is secondary, resulting in accident after accident, the biggest of all resulting in one of the biggest explosions in history.

That is why the government is now focused on begging the other OPEC members to lower production. Oil price is their convenient excuse, the real reason is their inability to compete with well run companies.

Add that to their strategy of managing PDVSA as their personal wallet for populist campaigns, as opposed to development and reinvestment in the oil industry.

This is a short summary of what happened to PDVSA, the goose that laid the golden eggs, until Chavez destroyed it.

So yeah, its not just about selling price.

Comment Re:It's 64 bit now? (Score 2) 188

It's been 64 bit for almost six years.

$ file /usr/lib/firefox/firefox

/usr/lib/firefox/firefox: ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs)

Strange, I get a different output:

C:\>file /usr/lib/firefox/firefox
'file' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

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