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Comment: Denial (Score 1) 135 135

We should not ignore historic events just because they don't paint a rosy picture of humanity: the inquisition, the holocaust, the armenian genocide, etc.

Spain will soon approve a law to grant citizenship to the jews expelled from Spain in 1492, this is the right attitude to correct mistakes, not to ignore them. I wonder if Germany will follow.

Comment: Thinkpads are not really customizable (Score 4, Informative) 219 219

After buying some Thinkpads X230, I discovered that I can only use the mini-pci slot with cards approved by Lenovo, and included in their stupid BIOS whitelist.
I won't buy a Thinkpad again until Lenovo stops this abhorrent practice.
And please, no more excuses for this behavior.

This could never happen with an opensource BIOS.

Comment: Re:The unfortunate thing (Score 1) 134 134

I was also watching the Neo900 project for a while, but they made some bad decisions.
It's too expensive because they didn't want to compromise on anything, and they decided to add a separator will make a thick phone even thicker.
I would have bought it if the price was around 400 euro and it didn't need a separator.
Now I'm placing my bets on the Pyra

Comment: Re:It. Will. Fail. Period (Score 1) 134 134

You are ranting about something that you have no idea about.

480 Euro? More like 900+.
0.5 Gb storage? That is just NAND, on top of that you have MMC and microSD.
You can play freeciv while on the train, then rsync saved games to continue playing on your PC.
Its basically a Debian tablet with phone capabilities and real keyboard.

Comment: Re:It's all about competition (Score 3, Informative) 208 208

That is not true if you use Lenovo.

Lenovo doesn't want customers to be able to upgrade their laptops, so they implemented a list of approved mini-pci cards that can be used in them. It's called "bios whitelist".

Therefore if you have a Lenovo laptop you will have to change the whole laptop. Presumably to a different brand that doesn't pull this crap.

For those who do. Not.

Comment: Re: Now if they will sell them without MS Windows (Score 2) 161 161

I just bought the Lenovo Edge Flex 15 and on Linux the Wifi card doesn't work, period. The only "fix" is to wait until 3.20 kernel adds support. Piece of shit OS or piece of shit Lenovo for not ensuring Linux compatibility? (Anyway, the keyboard sucks, so don't buy it)

You could upgrade the wifi card to something that works in Linux and get 802.11ac at the same time.

See page 39 of the hardware maintenance manual:

Just make sure you get a wifi card that is in the BIOS whitelist.
The BIOS whitelist is a list of PCI devices that have been approved by Lenovo for each laptop. If not in the list, the BIOS will refuse to boot.
This is just an imposed restriction by Lenovo, decent laptop makers don't do such a thing.

Comment: Re:Really? (Score 1) 215 215

And yet I live in Tokyo and I have never seen a charging point there. Can anyone tell me where there is a public point?

Every Nissan dealer has at least one charging station.
You leave the car there while you go inside and enjoy free drinks, snacks, games for your kids, etc.
Of course, that is as long as you are a Nissan owner.

Comment: Re:Self-Inflicted Damage (Score 4, Insightful) 369 369

Just recently Israel was fighting against Hamas, who was launching rockets while hiding behind civilians that they were purporting to represent. They really don't care about the people they "represent".

Suicide terrorists are glad to blow themselves up if they take a few infidel's lives with them. They believe they get rewarded with a number of virgins in heaven.

El Che Guevara is hailed as a hero for dying for his cause, even when he was directly responsible for the killing and misery of so many, especially his own people. You can buy one of "Che" iconic t-shirts almost anywhere, they sell like hotcakes.

Comment: Skype disappointments (Score 2) 267 267

Skype has been a continues stream of disappointments over the last few years.

First they started with this policy of taking away your credits if you haven't used them in a few years. They are still kind enough to let you "reactivate" them. This is like a bank taking your savings because you haven't used them in a while, but allowing you to get them back by dropping by. Its immoral and should be illegal.

Recently they also blocked access from the linux skype client without any warning whatsoever, suddenly you just can't connect. And after updating to the latest version (, it crashes every time. Turns out you have to do some changes to the sqlite database that holds your history (couldn't they do that automatically?).

Unfortunately opensource IM isn't much better. With so many usability issues, slow development (thinking about pidgin and gajim), and now Google turning their back on openness by disabling XMPP federation, the landscape of opensource IM looks gloomy.

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