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Comment: Re:Redundant keys (Score 2) 665

by alanthenerd (#44960517) Attached to: Bill Gates Acknowledges Ctrl+Alt+Del Was a Mistake
The reasoning I always understood to use the Ctrl-Alt-Del for login/unlocking was that it was difficult to hook so if you pressed it you were certain that what you were then typing your password into was an actual login screen rather than some application that looked like the login screen that was designed to steal your password.

Comment: Agreed (Score 5, Insightful) 188

by alanthenerd (#39846495) Attached to: UK ISPs Ordered To Block Pirate Bay

Music lobby group, the BPI, welcomed the move, saying music creators 'deserve to be paid for their work just like everyone else'

I agree. It's just unfortunate that when you buy mainstream music only a very tiny percentage goes to the music creators. Most of it goes to record label fat cats and towards lobbying for shit like this ban.

Comment: Re:Functional (Score 1) 429

by alanthenerd (#39286619) Attached to: Server Names For a New Generation

If the server is suitable to be used for more than one purpose then each purpose should be in its own virtualised environment which will have its own purpose defined name.

With how easy virtualisation is these days there is no need to go mixing different functions within the same os environment which can cause all sorts of random problems as different software reacts with each other. Separate them out using virtualisation making it easy to move to new hardware, easy to retire old things no longer needed, easy to re-image if some software plays up.

Comment: GPU Performance (Score 1) 146

by alanthenerd (#39276005) Attached to: Early Ivy Bridge Benchmark: Graphics Performance Greatly Improved
Does GPU performance matter? Are people using integrated graphics for graphics intensive things? It seems to me that integrated graphics performance has more than exceeded that required for normal desktop graphics for a while and anyone who is doing anything seriously graphically intensive is using a discrete graphics card. Am I wrong?

Comment: Re:Good, Because Certs Are Worthless (Score 2) 267

by alanthenerd (#38913747) Attached to: The IT Certs That No Longer Pay Extra

(...example? Clicking "cancel" when Task Scheduler demands a password in Server 2k8 will lock out an AD account in a hurry. Neat little bug, but one of the zillions of subtle things a sysadmin would know, but an MCSA would not.)

My sysadmin experience says that would lock out the account because you have set up a task to run as an account but not provided a password for that account. Therefore when the task tries to run the password the task scheduler provides (null) does not match the account password. Or do you mean there is actually some bug that causes the account to get locked simply by clicking cancel?

Comment: Re:EVE is terrible. (Score 1) 145

by alanthenerd (#35445316) Attached to: In Isk We Trust: the <em>EVE Online</em> IskBank Exposed
Except to level up the particular skills required per ship class can be as simple as:
1. Log in
2. Set skill training
3. Log out and go do something else until the skill finishes training

With the ability to now queue skills to train so long as the last one to start fits within a 24 hour skill queue length there is no longer a need to log in for skill training more than once per day. The last time I actively played was probably a year ago and yet I haven't missed a single second of "levelling up" in that time. No hours of grinding away doing repetitive tasks in order to level up as many other MMOs do.

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