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Comment: Re:This whole issue needs to be buried (Score 1) 144

Oh, I see I hit a nerve with the SJW crowd or something. It's ok, I understand you cannot help it.

Yes, you are getting overpaid and deserve it for the reasons mentioned. Its simple economics, the job pay is worth what people are willing to do it for and if someone is willing to do it for less, whether you like it or not, that is what it is worth. If the company or DoD decides to pay you more because you have 10 years in with them, you deserve that but are being overpaid compared to the going rate of anyone else who can create the same snowflake code and was just hired.

I'm also thinking maybe the only person you ever knocked down was your sister by accident and that was because you got scared watching TV and ran into her while trying to leap into your moma's arms. But that's just what I think about your tough talk.

Comment: Re:Good Luck (Score 1) 265

by sumdumass (#49359199) Attached to: Amazon Requires Non-Compete Agreements.. For Warehouse Workers

Very interesting. Thanks for the clear explanation.

It would seem that if the summery is correct about the contents of the non compete and the information I found about the different states is also correct, it might not even be enforceable on warehouse workers in Amazon's own home state of Washington.

Comment: Re:This whole issue needs to be buried (Score 1) 144

Only if they pay strictly on piece meal or commission.

Every place I have worked with gave a 5% or better yearly raise each year you worked up to a ceiling limit on pay. Once you maxed out on pay, you lost the raises but were still making comfortable wages.

Comment: Re:This whole issue needs to be buried (Score 1) 144

You want to take ten years off and then come back and earn the same as the man OR woman that didnt' leave? How is that fair?

Fairness has nothing to do with it. The person who was on the job and loyal to the company for 10 years is likely being overpaid for the job out of gratitude for his loyalty and dependable track record. It's why a rookie will often be hired in at a wage less than the 10 year veteran regardless of their sex. That is likely the value of the job, over that and it is a reward for "time served' and "continued value added" accumulated over that time span.

Hell, even at unionized factory jobs, pay is conditioned on seniority, Everyone starts off at a certain rate and gets small performance raises and typically annual raises regardless of their performance.

Comment: Re:Good Luck (Score 1) 265

by sumdumass (#49358471) Attached to: Amazon Requires Non-Compete Agreements.. For Warehouse Workers

I think you have it the other way around.

Suppose you put an application in with my company, and yes, warehouse workers are filling applications out and likely skipping the resume submission. I call your current employer
(XYZ), say I'm sumdumass with "ZYX", I need employment verification for LDAPMAN.

whether your current employer says anything or not, your current employer knows my company which competes with them was thinking of hiring you so you are obviously intending to ignore the non compete agreement and leave for a job they banned you from taking via the non compete. They can call my company after you quit and I can tell them to stuff it, but they still know. They could be crafty and send a fedex package to you at your workplace and see if it is accepted or returned to find that you are actually working there. They can do a lot of things but the point is, they know you likely ignored the non compete and likely would be working at one of the places that called for employment history validation.

Comment: Re:Good Luck (Score 4, Informative) 265

by sumdumass (#49358095) Attached to: Amazon Requires Non-Compete Agreements.. For Warehouse Workers

While I'm sure this is something to be considered, I'm not sure it is entirely possible. Some states will have restrictions on what can actually be covered by a non compete agreement. In Washington state for instance, a non compete is limited to customer information and contacts and something called good will (however that is defined) and limited to what is reasonably necessary.

This is kind of confusing as each state seems to be different to some respect. Some states also have a red line policy where if something is overly broad or not within the law, the entire agreement is tossed out while others will use a blue line approach and only strike out what is in conflict to make the NCA enforceable. Yet there is another process called reformation in which the courts would actually rework the Non-compete in order to make it enforceable
(eg, striking out the entire state as overly broad and inserting a metropolitan area or radius of distance from the locations of the employer they determine to be reasonably enforceable)

Here is a little more about how it varies in different states

And of course, here is the PDF which charts it

I suspect they have no intention of ever enforcing this non compete. I think it is to scare the workers into not leaving for greener pastures, or better pay/benefits/work conditions.

Comment: Re:Good Luck (Score 2) 265

by sumdumass (#49357915) Attached to: Amazon Requires Non-Compete Agreements.. For Warehouse Workers

It's not really the ex-employer keeping track that you have to worry about. Almost all prospective employers will call for a reference and then they know you are looking into a banned job. But the most troublesome for you would be friends and people you used to work with running into you on the street or something and you letting it slip that you are working somewhere specific. They then either out of amazement or stupidity, end up telling someone else at work and eventually it become common enough knowledge that the management hears about it.

It's happened to me before. I've wondered out loud about how some former coworker was doing and someone ends up telling me "just fine, they are working at XYZ now" not realizing they should have used a bit more discretion. Before I knew it, I was in the office being grilled by the boss and almost lost my job by telling them I was talking about someone from school not work when they heard the entire conversation. Thankfully, it turns out in my situation that the former employee already cleared the job with higher up management so the only one in any trouble was me. I soon found another job.

Comment: Re:Do It, it worked in AZ (Score 1) 858

Is that your way of saying you have not been paying attention to the news over the last few years nor do you know how to use google? >Here, let me help you. Now if you scroll down a bit, you will find at least the bakery and the florist situation. There are a couple others that I know of, one in which a couple offered their farm home to members of their church for weddings because of the "view" and was forced to allow gays to wed there due to state law.

Seriously, google is your friend.

Comment: Re:Protected relationships (Score 1) 323

by sumdumass (#49356781) Attached to: Modern Cockpits: Harder To Invade But Easier To Lock Up

Confessions to a priest is confidential only because of religion. Certain religious beliefs declare a way to atonement and salvation through confessions. The priest is generally thought of as a conduit to their God(s). There is also spiritual guidance associated with it that can influence future behavior but ever since religion was in power, this came about and has been around since.

As for benefiting society- no more so or less than throwing out evidence and letting an obviously guilty person go free because the government failed to get a requirement of the warrant satisfied. You don't have to like it. Its just the way it is.

Comment: Re: Do It, it worked in AZ (Score 1) 858

by sumdumass (#49349483) Attached to: Gen Con Threatens To Leave Indianapolis Over Religious Freedom Bill

Lol.. bullshit. There are a lot of places in the bible referencing what we would call gays. There are at least seven references with at least one in the new testament.

As for a specific reference to serving gays, it is obvious that you are not supposed to enable or participate sin.

And don't worry, they are not using anything that belongs to you. Once it is taken from you, it is not yours any more. But even if you think you paid for it, you didn't, someone else did.

Comment: Re:Leave then (Score 1) 858

by sumdumass (#49348861) Attached to: Gen Con Threatens To Leave Indianapolis Over Religious Freedom Bill

You sure? You just fooled me.

Oh, there isn't any dogma in what i said. The bottom line is the only reason minorities are a protected class is because the 14th amendment gave congress the power to make law for the purpose of equality in rights and privileges afforded to others. Gays simply are not listed within the law so they are not comparable to blacks in respect to discrimination in public accommodations. Right or wrong, it is not the same thing.

Comment: Re:Do It, it worked in AZ (Score 1) 858

by sumdumass (#49348757) Attached to: Gen Con Threatens To Leave Indianapolis Over Religious Freedom Bill

Nice theory but wrong. Or are you going to claim that the freedom of the press only applies to individuals and not businesses too? There certainly is no distinction within the first amendment. It says congress shall make no law, not none of these laws or except in this case.

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