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Comment: Re:RDS astroturf for the First Post Win? (Score 1) 353 353

You can refuse because your boss has no right to that information. Even if your boss stole your phone to get the data, there is no way he can prove you were the one using the phone at the time. Just say you we at home in bed and you loaned the phone to a friend for the day.

Comment: Re:Party over, man! (Score 2) 697 697

No kidding. I used to have unlimited bandwidth, but then upgraded for faster download speeds. Buried somewhere in the fine print it said that I now had a monthly cap, but unfortunately the person I talked to on the phone when I upgraded failed to mention that. My next cable/Internet bill was $460 (due to NetFlix and a recent subscription to CrashPlan). I called to complain and got it cut in half, but still....

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