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Comment: Re:Just plain silly (Score 1) 142

by akuma(x86) (#26699569) Attached to: Retailer Planning Laptops With Intel Core i7 Chips

For 5k, you can get a laptop and a desktop.

If you're at your desk, use the desktop. Are you in meetings 8 hours a day?

When I say VNC, I also mean anything like it (remote desktop etc...)

I'm an electrical engineer and we use laptops and we VNC into linux workstations to do very compute intensive things.


+ - Intel's 80 Core Terascale Chip Explored

Submitted by
Ryan writes: "Yesterday Intel showed off new information on their research program based around the 80-core terascale processor known as Polaris. While the 80 seperate cores setup in a 10x8 2D grid are very simplified with only a couple of floating point units on each tile, the potential for projects like this and their implications on future CPU design is going to be dramatic. PC Perspective has an article that looks at the architecture of the current chip as well as the surrounding landscape for such a design including I/O requirements and software development."

+ - Intel tests 80 Core chip

Submitted by Zeinfeld
Zeinfeld writes: Intel has announced a test chip with 80 cores. The chip has a nominal processing capacity of over a teraflop. Whether the chip actually delivers that performance over a sustained interval on real processing problems is another question. Also unmentioned is how the issue of heat dissipation is dealt with. It is probably going to be a while before such chips are production.

This marks a major departure from tactics such as introducing more parallelism into the processor core and adding more cache memory that have been the norm since 64 mainstream processors reached 64 bits.

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