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Comment Re:Sex discrimination. (Score 1) 673

WTF? From the discussion happening here, you'd think Slashdotters are all either misogynists or suffer from gynophobia. There are not enough women in technology careers. And it's not because of hiring, it's because the candidates aren't there. Very few women are studying technology majors in university. The only way to correct this is to get them interested in STEM subjects when they are young. If that takes some incentives for teaching girls over boys, so be it.

Comment Re:New UI? (Score 2) 256

And there's the catch-22: Anybody with two fucking brains to rub together disables "features" like telemetry, just on general principle.

Is it common to have more than one brain? You make it sound like two brains is a low number. Why do I only have one? Does that mean I'm retarded? How many brains do you have anyway? I have so many questions about your post...

Submission + - Can I buy the Classic interface? 3

Max Hyre writes: LWN almost went under a number of years ago because its volunteer editors couldn't afford to keep it up. The readers rose up and insisted that they be allowed to pay for it.

Can we do the same for Classic?

I'm a nerd. I read. I'm the one in the museum ignoring the display and reading the description. I want text, easily accessible, clearly laid out, and plenty of it. I'll pay to keep the UI I know and love.

The Beta has none of those characteristics. The Beta site is repellent, unusable, and unneeded. I won't use it, and if ``Classic'' goes away, I won't visit /., and it'll be a pity.

How much do you actually receive in revenue for each user? I suspect I'll match it to keep the status quo. Ask us what it's worth to us. I'd certainly pay $1/month, and would think about $5/month. I bet that I'm not alone.

Submission + - Owner: Vote, your choice: Get rid of Slashdot:Beta OR everyone goes elsewhere ( 1

Ying Hu writes: Slashdot Beta is not Slashdot:
What was loved about Slashdot does not appear in the new design — those creating the latter, please fire yourself and go work for a commercial consumer site (which we never read, and never will). OUR site should work without JavaScript, and JavaScript that IS used should to do something actually desired by a reader or commenter, not waste our bandwidth and CPU, and electricity, sending CRAP onto our computers. Improvements/ plugins,, won't be enough.

Comment Re:It's convenience and security. (Score 1) 835

Most manufacturers have at least one printer tech they do well. In my experience, Lexmark sucks at all of them. Across the board, from consumer inkjets to dot-matrix form printers, to large workgroup lasers, the Lexmark printer is useless crap. Sure they cost less. But when you need to print something and can't, you'll wish you bought something else. I'd chop my balls off before I bought another Lexmark printer.

Comment Re:Especially since NASA... (Score 3, Informative) 200

Remember a little thing called the Challenger Disaster?


"Thiokol engineers argued that if the O-rings were colder than 53 F (12 C), they did not have enough data to determine whether the joint would seal properly. This was an important consideration, since the SRB O-rings had been designated as a "Criticality 1" component—meaning that there was no backup if both the primary and secondary O-rings failed, and their failure would destroy the Orbiter and its crew."

Comment Re:Reward for Open Source? (Score 1) 520

Nice answer, but wrong question. The OP wasn't asking why OSS is good, they were asking why someone would want to create something that they probably will never make any money from.

And you missed the point of his post. His answer to the question is that OSS is often about itch scratching. If a programmer wants a software product which would never be sold commercially, the only choice is to create it himself. People do this with physical objects all the time. Have you never built something because no one makes what you want? Or did everything in your home come from Walmart?

Journal Journal: iPod is Apple's golden ticket.

With Real pleading with Apple for a partnership, the wisdom of Apple's plans with the iPod and iTMS once again is in the spotlight.

I believe Steve has a plan. As I said in an earlier entry, Apple can own the digital music market.

United States

Journal Journal: Osama Bin Laden hates freedom?

From this translation on

"Stop shedding our blood in order to protect your own blood. The solution to this easy-difficult equation is in your own hands. You should know that the longer you delay, the worse the situation will become, and when that happens, do not blame us, blame yourselves...


Journal Journal: Doing real work on a mac?

MS Office has always been available for the mac and MacOSX can work with Windows fileshares.

So if your "real work" relies on Office and SMB, you should be able to get your "real work" done on a mac. This article shows that this is not always the case.

Now, his home SMB problems could be resolved by simply typing smb:// followed by his PC's IP address in the Connect to server dialog.

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