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Comment Re:RTFA? (Score 1) 478

Google gives me free search, free e-mail, free calendar, free maps, etc. etc. in return for tracking what I do and selling that information to marketers....

I'm ok with this deal, it was made willingly.

You're paying with long-term data for short-term service. Google will one day shut down GMail yet they will still have all of your data to do with as they please. I doubt you considered that when you committed to it and now you cannot undo it.

I will, however, retract at least part of my statement if you tell me that you didn't start using Google services until after the Snowden revelations.

Comment Re:I can't bring myself to care (Score 1) 295

Sort of. I'm actually not a fan of Steam, and their fans are ignorantly spreading the word that DRM is okay for permenant purchases. Despite all that, those fans know something you don't. In light of that level of moronism, your original statement was dumb in a painful sort of way.

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