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Comment: Re:And the scientific evidence for this conclusion (Score 1) 387

Yes, if you substitute one belief for another you greatly change the outcome of the extrapolation. "I beleive AI will never exist so that won't happen." Thanks for supporting my point that this sort of extrapolation is not science.

Comment: Re:And the scientific evidence for this conclusion (Score 1) 387

If you're going to commit to this exercise where you use extrapolation to arrive at a conclusion, then you're going to have to take things like 3d-printing into account and even just the general demand for machines that build machines that will lead to eventual technical advances.

Try to remember that when you cherry-pick what does and doesn't count when extrapolating stuff like this you're simply adding to the risk that earlier you implied was a bad thing.

Comment: Re:And the scientific evidence for this conclusion (Score 1) 387

Sure extrapolation is always risky, seems a far better to bet than going with super intelligent robots that don't exist at all on the only planet we know that has life on it.

If you apply that same extrapolation to what's happening here on Earth right now and you get right back to the super-robots being dominant. I'll give you a hint: robots are the dominant life-form on Mars right now.

Comment: Re:WTF (Score 4, Funny) 58

by MobileTatsu-NJG (#48621629) Attached to: NASA Tests Feasibility of 3D Printing on the Moon and Other Planets

Latin is a dead language, please understand that.

People keep repeating this line ad-nauseum, spouting 'language is dead', etcetera. They might have bona-fide complaints, but maybe they're an alias for a different annoyance, perhaps that they didn't pay enough attention in school circa 9th grade to maintain a simple conversation on a site known to attract tech-lovers. Ergo this problem will not be solved quickly.

Comment: Re:Nerd Point of Contention (Score 1) 222

I'm using camera controls in every game I have played on the PS4. I have no idea what you're talking about, that concept is alive and well because... making games in 3d requires it.

Also the camera controls on the flight simulator are not the same thing. You don't use the camera in a flight simulator to tell the game which way you're going.

I'm not even sure why we're arguing about this. The N64 came along and everybody else quickly changed direction. Sorry.

Comment: Re:Nerd Point of Contention (Score 2) 222

I don't see any camera controls there, I don't think you have an apples-to-apples comparison here. It's also worth pointing out that even if it did work that way, it didn't usher in an 'era'. Nintendo was the one that drove that, hence the mad scramble for Sony and Sega to copycat the controller and integrate it into their next round of hardware.

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