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Comment Re:I suspect it already does (Score 1) 337

Those two statements are in conflict with each other. ;)

Writing a GUI pales into insignificance compared to writing the core OS kernel and supporting frameworks and plumbing.

If that were even remotely true Linux would have a much better marketshare right now. I'm not sure why you're writing off the GUI, it's like you're under-estimating what it takes to put together a system that supports Apps, varying hardware, and simultaneously attempting to be secure and totally open about it.

The kernel is not where most of the development time for iOS or Android was spent.

Comment Re:Game chat (Score 4, Funny) 202

I'm not saying it's true, but for a modern shooter or perhaps FPS, they could simply substitute "game" targets for real-life ones, and otherwise the conversation might sound much you would hear in some games.

Heh. I've never heard anyone use in-game chat like that. The closest I've ever encountered was someone strategizing how to violate another player's mother.

Comment Re:1st world problems (Score 1) 242

He/she says smugly.

Hah. Bet the irony of that statement is lost on you.

Are you also going to criticize protesters who are against tax increases because they protest on the paved street which was paid for by tax money? Or people who want better food labeling who eat food that isn't labelled well?

Are you going to keep dodging my question? If so, could you at least get down to an apples-to-apples comparison? For example: Why, yes, I would criticize a Vegan who followed me into a pizza joint, approached me unsolicited, and rudely voiced his opinion of my lunch after taking a bite of a salad he had just put bacon-bits on.

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