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Comment: Re:No license necessary (Score 2, Insightful) 246

by akac (#26863171) Attached to: A Software License That's Libre But Not Gratis?

"but this is the way I see it" means nothing. What matters is how the courts see it, not you.

As for the last paragraph - that's patently wrong too. Its not the computer code or math that you are copyrighting, it is the entire product of that. Just like nobody can copyright words, but you can copyright a book. It is the collection of words put together that make specific thoughts, ideas, in a particular way.

And you cannot copy a book or be liable. So you cannot copy a piece of software. That software contains mathematical algorithms put into specific ways, designed with artwork, and more that make it copyrightable.


Can Static Electricity Generate Votes? 377

Posted by timothy
from the dc-elections-crack-me-up-and-barry-too dept.
artgeeq writes "A recent local election in Washington, DC resulted in 1500 extra votes for a candidate. The board of elections is now claiming that static electricity caused the malfunction. Is this even remotely possible? If so, couldn't an election be invalidated pretty easily?"
Operating Systems

How Kernel Hackers Boosted the Speed of Desktop Linux 380

Posted by timothy
from the mild-claims dept.
chromatic writes "Kernel hackers Arjan van de Ven and Auke Kok showed off Linux booting in five seconds at last month's Linux Plumbers Conference. Arjan and other hackers have already improved the Linux user experience by reducing power consumption and latency. O'Reilly News interviewed him about his work on improving the Linux experience with PowerTOP, LatencyTOP, and Five-Second Boot."

Now Google's CAPTCHA Is Broken 408

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the throw-it-on-the-pile dept.
steveit_is writes "Yesterday it was reported that Microsoft's revised CAPTCHA had been cracked. Now it's Google's turn. In a move that is sure to surprise no one, the spammers behind 'Xrumer' have announced that they've not only cracked Google's CAPTCHA, but other forms of image verification as well, including 'pick the cat' style CAPTCHA."

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