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Comment Using shift key (Score 3, Interesting) 188

Some of the UI restrictions can be evaded just by pressing a special key like "shift" or "ctrl" while using the mouse and it does not require to disable javascript. I was so frustrated once that I copied the entire text from the page and posted it as a comment to tell them look, I can copy and paste.

Comment No Muslim is Terrorist (Score 1) 138

No Muslim is terrorist at birth. They join such groups at some point of time in their lives. Thus even if a handful of them do so, it is needed to monitor activity of all of them so that such a transition can be discovered as it happens. This, however, is a costly process. A long term solution is to educate the public about the effect of fundamentalist religious ideas on the development of minds of our children. Passing on such ideas is a social disease that perpetuates itself. All we need is 'that one single generation' free of fundamentalist ideas.

Comment Refrigeration is a constructive technology (Score 1) 330

Pickling in brine is very unhealthy as it increases sodium content of the food. Similarly smoking produces chemicals which not only control microbial growth but are harmful for human beings. Refrigeration is in fact a constructive technology. There is no benefit of labeling it as a destructive one.

Comment Hacked a macbook touchpad as force sensor (Score 1) 251

It was a software hack to use macbook touchpad as pressure input device. I could discern 22 different levels of pressures which was more than enough to carry out deformation of free form 3d shapes. I read somewhere that the these days touchpads can easily detect 1024 different levels of pressure which is quite amazing if true.

Comment Are you serious? (Score 1) 515

I'm not a computer programmer or a software professional. Still I have not touched or used a windows system or installed windows on my personal / work computers for last 9 years. I was using Ubuntu for about 6 years and Ubuntu Gnome for another 3 years. I have no problem making excellent presentations, writing reports, documents (libreoffice), editing basic images (gimp), editing music (audacity), making basic 3d animations (blender), video editing (openshot/cinerella), making brochures (scibus) or even setting up my own server (apache). Everything is damn easy (software center /apt-get). I enjoy gaming sometimes (gbrainy/majongg/wesnoth/supertuxcart etc). I don't install flash and youtube works. Over the time other video websites have automatically started working without flash. Life continues and without privacy issues, security issues and hassle of maintaining an up-to-date antivirus, life is much better.

Comment 9 years since last used windows (Score 1) 492

For last 9 years I've been using combination of Mac and Linux (Ubuntu Gnome). When I see people discussing these interesting features of their brand new versions of Windows ... 7 then 8 and now 10, I sometimes wonder if I left Windows behind or is this really the case that Windows has left me behind.

Comment it's time to recognize grades of rights (Score 1) 172

i think it's time to recognize that a model of rights or no rights will soon be outdated and as more and more research happens in behavioral science, neuro science and evolutionary science, we'll soon be convinced that we have to assign varying grades of rights to different species according to their emotional and rational IQ.

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