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Comment Re:Between a rock and a hard place... (Score 1) 56

They didn't need to create the ContentID system and allow it work the way it does. But they did.

By law they needed a way to respond to DMCA notices but they didn't need to automate it. And now those chickens have come home to roost.

I thought by law they had to have a way to respond within a certain timeframe, somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 hours? As such, doing so without automating would be so expensive that they would have need of charging every user for viewings or their ads would make the annoying click bait sites look good...

Comment Re:Acronym (Score 1) 83

Those are not acronyms, but initialisms (okay, RAM is an acronym). Acronyms are pronounced as they are spelled, such as S.H.I.E.L.D. Initialisms are not pronounced as a word, but stated as the individual letters that make them up, such as FBI and CPU.

This is Slashdot, let's get it right.

Acronym definition:

a set of initials representing a name, organization, or the like, with each letter pronounced separately; an initialism.

It is listed as number 2, but still valid usage of the term acronym.

Comment Re:Finally a foot pedal for hands free application (Score 3, Informative) 221

The only reason devices that can display printed sheet music like tablets and e-ink readers are not popular is that they are essentially useless for sight reading. A foot pedal for page turns could easily create a reader for musicians. It would catch on like wild fire and the music publishers could finally start to distribute good editions again. I have been saying this for years and no one listens, it is the usual routine with industry not seeing the forest for the trees that are still being cut to print music.

You clearly have done zero research. There's a number of options, the most popular I've come across is the AirTurn, although the Cicada works well too from what I've heard.

Comment Re:Err, no. (Score 1) 149

No matter what you try to do (aside from a QR code), odds are perfect that some of your books will be completely unreadable by whoever is holding it (no equipment, wrong software, "why the frig do I have to buy an RFID reader just to borrow a book - WTF is wrong with you!?", etc.)

Seriously - some problems do not require a tech/digital answer. Get those little "Ex Libris" stickers and call it good.

I think you're misunderstanding his question. It seems to me he's just looking to be able to identify what's his and what isn't when a friend borrows it. Everyone having their own RFID reader is completely unnecessary for this purpose, merely having one himself would more than suffice. He runs the reader over the spine, sees it's not his and moves on.

Comment Re:according to an Air Force airman (Score 1) 289

You didn't read TFA, did you? DEFCON 2 was in place. That's the only reason they didn't launch. The captain on duty called the major who broadcast the coded order to strike telling him that he needed to either issue a recall of the orders or the order to go to DEFCON 1. So your argument is things likely unfolded the way the man said they did, but he's senile and crazy?

Also, your comment, "a bit of both" would imply there were only 2 options...the OP said "senile, crazy, or just making shit up." leaving us with 3 options. Just a little confusion from that, but I'm guessing you meant all of the above.

Comment Re:John McAfee as a libertarian? (Score 1) 229

I wonder why McAfee didn't just run as a libertarian. His views seem to align with a lot of libertarian beliefs. Erm ... and which party would that be? As fars I know the mayjour parties in the US are the Republicans and the Democrats ... never heard about 'the Libertarians'.

Just because they're not a major party doesn't mean they don't exist. The Libertarian Party has been around for a while (40+ years per Wikipedia). The US has hundreds if not thousands of parties in our political system, but, by a stupid clause in The Constitution ("The Person having the greatest Number of Votes shall be the President, if such Number be a Majority of the whole Number of Electors appointed"), we have a de facto 2 party system in place for the Presidency, which is why you only hear of the Democrats and Republicans.

A prime example of a modern third party candidate is actually Bernie Sanders who has served as an Independent in the Senate for years, but rather than try to rally > 50% of the vote as an Independent, he has chosen to run as a Democrat as he closest aligns to that of the 2-parties.

Comment Re:And then there's gold pressed latinum (Score 1) 563

That was Deep Space Nine, pretty much after Gene Rodderberry had ceased his involvement with Star Trek (it may have been after he died). DS9 writers tended to take a more pragmatic view, and reintroduced scarcity concepts.

DS9 premiered nearly 2 years after Roddenberry passed away. He was involved (albeit very loosely after S1) up until his death. About the only thing he didn't have any hand in during Star Trek's run in his lifetime was Star Trek VI from my understanding.

The grandparent referenced Sisko's cafe, as such I was directly responding to one of their questions using the given/established canon of DS9..

Submission + - Gene's can't be patented (In Australia) (

aitikin writes: Two-time breast cancer and cervical cancer survivor Yvonne D'Arcy predicts breast cancer testing will become cheaper and more available after she won a High Court challenge to a patent covering the breast and ovarian cancer gene, BRCA1.

The High Court unanimously ruled that BRCA1, which is linked to an increased risk of a cancer, is a naturally occurring gene and not a patentable invention.

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