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Comment: Re:Something is wrong with the respondents! (Score 1) 476

by aitikin (#48919119) Attached to: Best 1990s Sci-fi show?
Seaquest was great, hard sci-fi. That is, until ratings fell to the point where NBC decided that it was better served by becoming Star Trek under water in S2. I greatly appreciated the hard, near future sci-fi mentality that went into Seaquest and was disappointed when it went to the new format.

Comment: Re:Crash-testing & strength? (Score 2) 128

FTA (yes I know, this is slashdot, and someone actually RTFA, unbelievable) they already succeeded in exceeding expectations and destroying the long expected timeframe with a project for DARPA:

In 2011, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) approached Local Motors with a challenge: Design a combat support vehicle for use in Afghanistan more cheaply and quickly. Local Motors solicited design ideas on its website, chose the best out of the 162 that it received, and built and delivered the vehicle, called the XC2V, in four months– a timeframe considered impossibly fast.

Comment: Re:its a tough subject (Score 2) 663

by aitikin (#48884183) Attached to: Should Disney Require Its Employees To Be Vaccinated?
Lopman, Ben (2013). "Gastroenteritis Hospitalizations in Older Children and Adults in the United Sates Before and After Implementation of Infant Rotavirus Vaccination". The Journal of the American Medical Association 310 (8): 851–853.


A "Hypothesis" in science is still better than what you're claiming, and, at the very least, even if there is not sufficient "studies / tests / real results" (which, hint, I just SHOWED YOU real results from JAMA, but that's going to require you to understand them), this would definitely qualify as a working hypothesis. So stop trolling and ACTUALLY educate yourself, not read conspiracy websites.

Comment: Re:Bullshit (Score 4, Insightful) 323

These are the people making policy that the people teaching our children are expected to enforce?

FTFY. Very few teachers are ever involved or considered in making policy. Being originally from that state, there were always things that every single teacher I met (and I met a number, my mother was a teacher, my brother is a teacher (as was his ex-wife), and, as such, many of their friends were too) absolutely hated.

In some school districts, it's a fineable (and, actually, terminate-able) offense for the teacher to grade papers in red ink (because the color red means it was bad)... Other districts are known to not allow teachers to give out homework until High School. It's ridiculous for sure, but these rules certainly were not put in place by the teachers and to lump them in with the policy makers is ridiculous.

Comment: Re:Stands to reason (Score 3, Insightful) 181

by aitikin (#48849163) Attached to: NSA Hack of N. Korea Convinced Obama NK Was Behind Sony Hack

I think this is the most "Interesting" or "Insightful" comment I've seen yet in this (otherwise predictable) thread, yet it has gotten modded down to -1. By doing that, I think you're only proving his point.

I'm burning my bad mod point, accidentally modded GP down (after it was already -1). That being said, his point about anonymity is kinda off base. We often were of the anonymity mindset, but thought we'd have some degree of credibility by have a pseudonym that we could go by ("Marginal Coward", "3.5 stripes", etc or 3557951, 578410, etc) and people would be able to go, I remember this guy's comments have always been insightful, I'm going to give him more credit, but could clearly have the freedom of anonymity through being an anonymous coward (hell, there's even a check box for me to post this anonymously).

Comment: Re: (Score 1) 303

by aitikin (#48747207) Attached to: FBI Says Search Warrants Not Needed To Use "Stingrays" In Public Places

Just like the true Stingray can only live under water, these Stingray devices, I've heard, stop at the lawn. The CANNOT, by definition, trespass the space line between the sidewalk and the lawn, so you'd be safe if you were standing on the lawn. They can crawl over concrete, though. So they can go up your driveway and onto your porch, but the threshold into your house/apartment stops them dead in their tracks.

^ Poe's law may apply

Comment: Re:uh - by design? (Score 1) 163

by aitikin (#48670277) Attached to: Thunderbolt Rootkit Vector

I live in the pro audio world, almost at the bleeding edge of it I might add. What the other poster stated about sub 5ms latency is true. Get yourself an HDX system and test it out. Also, there's this, this, the entire Apollo line, and even an entry level interface that's Thunderbolt based.

IMHO, nothing will compare to using a mixer, but that's for the functionality and quality. I would never pitch a Mackie as a decent recording system, live sound, sure, but, unless you've got an Onyx, it's crap for recording (and even then, just decent). A mixer to me is something like this. My interface is a Fireface 800 and I have 0 perceived latency (so long as I'm not sending anything into the DAW for processing on my cue mix, or merely playing back from the DAW and recording new tracks). To claim something as 0 latency would be incorrect for everything, there will be latency. To claim that the conversion process adds less than X ms of latency is what we're talking about, and the Thunderbolt stuff from MOTU (not even a stellar name in the industry) is leaps and bounds beyond my Fireface (it should be, my interface is 8 years old now), clocking in at sub 1ms at the hardware itself (seen in info note in the link above), with the Fireface being a respectable 5ms at the lowest.

Long story short, if you're looking for the lowest latency and a professional setup, Thunderbolt or PCIe is king. If, as it seems from the photo you posted, you're working in a prosumer or entry level situation, than USB will suffice.

(Other sources: I work in pro audio. A number of years of experience behind the board in both live and recording environments on everything from small projects to working with the likes of Bob Mintzer. Much of my knowledge comes from the real world.)

Comment: Re:uh - by design? (Score 1) 163

by aitikin (#48664145) Attached to: Thunderbolt Rootkit Vector

So in the pro audio world you find stuff hanging out in the parking lot?

Depending on who you are. My old boss literally got a Fairchild compressor from someone's backyard. Another friend got a 2" tape machine from someone's parking lot (next to the dumpster).

But, to the point, GP said nothing about a parking lot. "Discovering a Thunderbolt device at all..." does not mean finding it hanging out in the parking lot, it means that, the tech is oh so rare to begin with, that it's nearly impossible to find period.

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