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Comment Re:Did they spin when they landed? (Score 1) 634

No, that's not what happened. Six county delegates were decided by coin-toss and those six went to Clinton. There exists the capability of one person having more of the popular vote and the other having more delegates, much like in the presidential election, and had just one of those coin tosses gone the other way, Sanders would've won with slightly less of the populace's vote. As it stands, Clinton won by chance and luck.

Comment Re:Defining originality (Score 1) 50

But how can someone determine what is original before publishing it and inviting the world to sue? The Simpsons: Road Rage was not a Crazy Taxi game but still got shut down by the makers of Crazy Taxi.

No, but it violated a Patent not Copyright. Patents are a whole different ball of wax, whereby if you have a patent on a specific method of doing something, anything that implements that method without your approval for the time period you have said patent, is in violation of your patent rights. Copyright, on the other hand, protects the story, artwork, music, etc against someone making a copy or derivative work.

(Standard IANAL disclaimers) As such, if I were to create a game that uses the elements (magic, physical attacks, hit points, etc) found in a Final Fantasy game, Square would have no recourse with me (duh, they lifted those elements themselves). If I were to create a game that doesn't use any elements of a Final Fantasy game, but used the characters, the music, the story, or the artwork without their permission, they would have every right to sue me (IE I make a game that's not parody set in the world of Final Fantasy VII, it's a derivative work and they can sue me if I haven't cleared it first). Now, if that game were considered parody, I would have a legal case that I could build on it. If I were to create a game, that told the exact story of Final Fantasy VII, without the same names of any characters or locations, without the same music, and without the artwork, but the actual story is identical, without their permission, I'm almost certainly going to get sued, and if I do, I'm going to lose.

Comment Re:Someone Enlighten us on the Copyright Details (Score 1) 50

I'm not suggesting there's something unusual about blatant distribution of the original work... that's piracy, but if you make a patch - that's not, that's original work, or if you use none of the original content and create a replica and release it for free that's original content, sure if you sell it there might be an issue but no original content was used and it's free?? or you create software that utilises the original content but don't distribute it and require the user to have a copy of the original??, please read all of my points before responding.

Sounds like you're describing derivative works, which requires the approval of the copyright holder under US (and many other nations) copyright laws.

Comment How much do you want to spend? (Score 1) 388

Because soundproofing is not a simple process, it's construction. It may be cheaper to hire a lawyer than to improve the soundproofing of your house. Acoustics 101 is a good resource despite late 90s appearance (full disclosure, Auralex is the company that makes the site, I sell Auralex products as well as other manufacturers products). The cheapest way to improve your soundproofing is to use something like their SheetBlok, but a 4'x30' strip runs over $400 and it's really meant to be put in between layers of walls, ceilings, and floors. It only does about 6 dB of isolation, but, when you remember that decibels are a logarithmic measurement, 6 dB is cutting about half, 12 dB is cutting to a quarter, etc. If you're looking for cheap, quick, and dirty, put up SheetBlok on the interior wall (glossy side to the room) and paint it. It'll look okay at best, but it should give you some decent benefit sonically.

Comment Re:A positive step (Score 1) 74

See, to me, this is bass-ackwards. The point of the autonomous automobile is to remove the driver from the equation of basic transportation, or to at least have the option to do so when one doesn't feel like driving.

...they should be going for things augmenting driver abilities. Lane assist, brake assist, adaptive cruise control, traction control, active stability system, etc...

Which one of those aren't implemented yet?

As for the rest of your point, I disagree inherently. I don't trust people to be smart enough to know when they should "Twitch the wheel" and then go back to reading the news. I know too many people who can't even tell they haven't hung their phone up for me to be able to trust that they've let the system properly take control.

Comment Re:"burden" on the distribution chain (Score 1) 108

The "profit" from an iPhone is not 90%. The materials cost may only be 10% but the rest of the revenue has to pay for R&D, Marketing, etc. A significant amount of work goes into iOS and there is no revenue from that. I'm not saying that Apple isn't raking it in (their cash reserves are enough to dispel that) but people basing their profit estimates off of an iFixit tear-down are completely ignoring the bulk of Apples operations.

Additionally, that profit is Apple only. I can safely say that, selling iPads and Apple computers as a retailer is not very profitable at all. After free shipping (which we have to offer to stay competitive) we lose money on many iPad sales (especially if we ship a reliable method like FedEx or UPS instead of USPS) unless they're buying the accessories and/or AppleCare. Computers, off of a $2000 Mac, after free shipping, we're lucky to make $75, gross profit, so they're a bit better.

Comment Re:Between a rock and a hard place... (Score 1) 56

They didn't need to create the ContentID system and allow it work the way it does. But they did.

By law they needed a way to respond to DMCA notices but they didn't need to automate it. And now those chickens have come home to roost.

I thought by law they had to have a way to respond within a certain timeframe, somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 hours? As such, doing so without automating would be so expensive that they would have need of charging every user for viewings or their ads would make the annoying click bait sites look good...

Comment Re:Acronym (Score 1) 83

Those are not acronyms, but initialisms (okay, RAM is an acronym). Acronyms are pronounced as they are spelled, such as S.H.I.E.L.D. Initialisms are not pronounced as a word, but stated as the individual letters that make them up, such as FBI and CPU.

This is Slashdot, let's get it right.

Acronym definition:

a set of initials representing a name, organization, or the like, with each letter pronounced separately; an initialism.

It is listed as number 2, but still valid usage of the term acronym.

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