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Submission + - Microsoft Signs Fedora's Bootloader To Work Around UEFI Restrictions (

ais523 writes: Cory Doctorow writes about the latest twist in the story of UEFI and locked-down bootloaders. Because motherboards certified for Windows 8 will need to use bootloaders signed with a key the motherboard recognises in order to load, installing a new operating system requires changing BIOS settings in order to add a new key — and even this option will be unavailable on motherboards following Microsoft's guidelines for ARM. Fedora are working around this problem by requesting Microsoft to sign their bootloader, so that computers that work out of the box with Windows will work out of the box with Fedora too. (Although they had to pay $99 for the privilege, apparently the money goes to Verisign not Microsoft, and is a one-time payment.)

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