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by airfabio (#42612225) Attached to: Another Java Exploit For Sale

I would say it probably has to do more with Microsoft doing a lot of work to make ActiveX safer and browsers like Firefox and Chrome taking increasing market share.
Before that Internet Explorer had such a large market share and so many easier attack vectors than Java plugins.
And after constant stream of security updates Flash is probably a bit harder nut to crack than Java is.

+ - Apple says booting OS X makes an unauthorized copy 9

Submitted by recoiledsnake
recoiledsnake (879048) writes "Groklaw has an extensive look at the latest developments in the Psystar vs. Apple story. There's a nice picture illustrating the accusation by Apple that Psystar makes three unauthorized copies of OS X. The most interesting however, is the last copy. From Apple's brief: "Finally, every time Psystar turns on any of the Psystar computers running Mac OS X, which it does before shipping each computer, Psystar necessarily makes a separate modified copy of Mac OS X in Random Access Memory, or RAM. This is the third unlawful copy." Psystar's response: "Copying a computer program into RAM as a result of installing and running that program is precisely the copying that Section 117 provides does not constitute copyright infringement for an owner of a computer program. As the Ninth Circuit explained, permitting copies like this was Section 117’s purpose." Is Apple seriously arguing that installing a third party program and booting OS X results in copyright infringement due to making a derivative work and an unauthorized copy?"

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by airfabio (#28483959) Attached to: US House May Pass "Cap & Trade" Bill

The day you start trusting the Heritage Foundation over CBO is the day you need to admit that you are looking for an echo chamber and not unbiased data.

$5 a day would result in $550B a year revenue to the treasury, single handily eliminating the long term Federal deficit. There is absolutely nothing in the current proposal that would come even close to that.

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by airfabio (#28483015) Attached to: US House May Pass "Cap & Trade" Bill

I am glad that after all these years, the tradition of posters on slashdot not reading the article continues. :-)
Even if global warming is completely bogus, I for one will gladly pay 50c a day if it means:

Fewer people dieing from black lung disease.
Cleaner air.
Not having to invade countries for their natural resources.
Funding for new technology based solutions to our energy supply.

And finally, for those that claim cap and trades is the end of capitalism, pricing of public goods is one of the corner stones of capitalism.

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